AMONG US DOCTOR MOD | How To Play The New Doctor mod Among Us’ Guide

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AMONG US DOCTOR MOD,among us doctor mode.

About the game:
In Among Us, Imposters lurk among the crew, picking off members of the crew one by one. Crewmembers must work quickly and efficiently if they want to get out alive. Understanding the ins and outs of each of the game’s three levels takes time, and learning how to complete every task is a task in itself. Don’t fret though — we’ve got you covered. Here are all the tasks you’ll encounter on Polus in Among Us.

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Among Us’ Guide: How To Play The New Doctor Mod

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  2. Pro-tip.. Your tag-spam in description is against youtube ToS and doesn't help your channel growth..

  3. Woo, clickbait.

    This makes me wish there was a way to block Youtubers from my searches and feeds.

  4. Umm im pretty sure he clickbaited because HE DIDNT EVEN SHOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MOD.

  5. Sorry but if anyone sees this comment please tell me how to actually get the mod

  6. Me: Kills in medbay cuz no one comes there.
    Medic Mod: I gonna stop u right now.

  7. Dude… lemme give u a tip:making a fake video doesnt help u too earn money fast(the reason why im saying this=the video's name is how to play doctor mode? the video's theme is what is the doctor mode?so its fake and its just a clickbait Also the link at the description doesn't give tutorial too)

  8. How dumb, the title of thte video is how to play the medic mod but he never showed how to get it!

  9. Hey stupid and why did you call it how to get the doctor roll in a mongoose

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  12. Who came to the comment section to know if it works or not.

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  14. 🧢 – cap ($50)
    🎩 – magic cap ($100)
    🎓 – graduation cap ($200)
    ⛑ – medic cap ($250)
    👒 – picnic hat ($300)
    👑 – royal cap (£800)

  15. I don't feel the same way about this whole thing.

  16. What a clickbaiter
    On title how to play the medic mod and in video just talking what can you do and then you say you don't know why would you make it

  17. i hate you wheres the part where i get to see how to get it i dislike this video

  18. I think "sub and fletch" is better than "socksfor1" in YouTube vid goodness

  19. Can you make a video of how to install detective mod in among us

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