SHERIFF Mod In Among Us (Tutorial/Guide/Download)

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This video is a guide on how to download the first of many among us role mods created by woodi-dev. He plans to develop more role mods in the future!

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  1. I'm on mobile and I want to try and I joined a lobby that has this mod lol

  2. I did everything perfectly does it have to show the created by woodi to know it worked?

  3. I can't create a lobby due to reliable packet fault tho

  4. When the lobby creator starts a game, it just shows a black screen

  5. thank you for showing how to install the mod in among us…..

    but i dont have among us lol (thx wow)

  6. guess who got sheriff twice in a row? ME! Thanks for the explanation; you're a life changer

  7. Does everybody in the lobby have to be on pc/computer? Or just the creator of the lobby? Does everybody have to go through the full process to play?

  8. Does this work if I buy my Among Us off the Epic Games store?? If so how do I download and get the mod to work.

  9. does everyone in the game have to have the sheriff mod? pls answer 🙂

  10. does it work on the among us from the Microsoft store?

  11. can you use it combined with the proximity voice chat?

  12. Can somebody who installed the sheriff mod join me im trying to do a vid with the mod but have no friends who have installed it if so the code is GWGGUF

  13. Hi i tried it but i am in UAE so when i try to join a game or create one in custom server i cant and it gives the ping error pls any help

  14. one question tho there is a new version out but it wont work. only for me?

  15. Is there a command that makes me sheriff all the time?

  16. im gonna try this, I hope it works

    edit : THANK YOU SO MUCH

    edit again : your saying it only works for the steam version? well it worked for me and im using crack among us

  17. What a stupid mod not even for mobile and when they are none are for iOS

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