Injustice Gods Among Us Character Guide – Superman

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for Superman in Injustice Gods Among Us, based on the demo. It is meant for newcomers to get used to this character and improve upon the basic and slightly more advanced combos listed in this video.

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  1. I initially learned how to play MK9 because of these guides. I'm glad you started posting videos for Injustice.

  2. I main green lantern no spam when I play superman players online all they do is spam

  3. What are some of supermans weaknesses, things to watch out for…and to compensate for ? I find this to be important too when getting to know a character, and i didn't hear any !

  4. Practice makes habbit, I practice the combo wrong and got in a habbit doing it wrong, so I guess only perfect practice makes perfect. :/

  5. Shouldn't Zone either, it's not a gun match if it was they would have named the game call of duty.

  6. I sat with my vita watching this and doing the combos along with the video for about 20 min last night and 20 just now just rewinding important parts. I don't have the game or a PS, but I am going to play this at my local casuals lol so I hope I got the muscle memory down, and thank you for the slow motion parts, I was able to memorize things a lot more easy.

  7. Superman is a perfect close range character his attacks with trait can drain more than half a health bar if used properly, but if you're all about going in just start with Batman his quick combos are easy to learn and dish out great damage when using his trait… hope this helped

  8. superman is stupid good at zoning. superman is stupid good and pushdown (close range). he is just stupid. you don't need anyone else.

  9. jumping A (preferably as a crossup) forward Y, A super breath. back A, jumoing A, forward Y, rising grab.
    That's the my bread and butter combo and does about 40% without trait while only using 1 bar. With meter it does 50%.
    You can also play around with it, see what combo's you can learn from it.

  10. Sorry, I said "with meter it does 50%", I meant to say "with trait".

  11. Oh, and super breath must be meter burned. I sure missed a lot out xD

  12. I don't know if he mentioned it….but sups trait buff's dmg and breaks all armor…..making characters like bane or grundy have to fight him the honest way. It becomes a very poor match up for them.

  13. please just use the x and square buttons, i hate heavy medium etc.

  14. I was able to use the Flying Ground Smash after dashing in the air. You can do it, just time it right

  15. can u make a doomsday and black adam character guide video

  16. Can you please do all of the characters in "Injustice Gods Among Us"?

  17. Even with trait I can only do a 35% damage with the 1st BnB combo :/

  18. These guides are awesome and really helpfull! Thank you! If you take requests than I'd like to see one about green lantern.

  19. hey great guides, can u please make one about aquaman? please hop so

  20. Superman can air dash to Dive bomb don't take a note of that.

  21. Hi, very nice guide…pls, can u tell me, what are u using? i mean xbox controller (D-pad or stick) or fight stick??? Thx

  22. Regime Superman is so much more a badass "evil kryptonian" than Zod.

  23. Why do you use light, medium, and heavy? Why not 1, 2, and 3? 1, 2, and 3 are what I'm used to so it's kinda hard to translate light, medium, and heavy into 1, 2, and 3.

  24. Superman is the worst comic-character ever !!! He can do anything, he is too powerfull, has no weakness, is too fast, has a laser-view, the ice-breathing …

    Spiderman and Batman are masked but Clark Kent has only glasses and noone can´t identify him as Superman, even Bruce Wayne- very funny

    Superman could beat every Marvel and DC- Hero only by sneezing

  25. Serious question, are advanced combo strings not nearly as easy as they seem in videos or am I just terrible? I find it difficult to perform some easier combo strings, let alone advanced ones. I try to perform advanced combo strings but I either can't remember the whole thing or my fingers just don't move fast enough, and this is against stationary opponents in practice mode, not even actual attacking ones!

  26. I got a combo I kinda made myself

    Trait active: 3x light hits scoop 2x light, super breath meter burn, back heavy , forward medium down heavy rising grab meter burn or super punch

  27. Oh cool. I started injustice with Superman since he was the first guy with challenges in STARR lab. I really like some of his attacks, like how Super Breath has great combo versatility and his lasers being good zoning options. I still have to practice learning his moveset by memory so I can get the combos easier. This will definitely help! 👍

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