AMONG US … For Noobs

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Among Us has taken over the gaming world, so if you still don’t understand what this game is about, that’s a little suspicious, but you came to the right place! Enjoy!


Thumbnail art by Adam Dadaluk:

Default Dancing Dude by Rae:

The Intro song for this video is “I Think I’m Normal” by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

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  1. Can't play this game because I have no friends 😞

  2. I’m sorry, I’m somewhat gaming tech challenged, is this an app or an actual game for a system like PlayStation or something like that?

  3. My pe teacher used your thumbnail for a fake among us game

  4. 1:52
    its becouse it got the perfect conditions to blow up in during this corona time

  5. The impostor was sus 😅😔😍🤪😕😊😳😢😕😍✋😕

  6. this video is greAT, an accurate representation of amog us.

  7. The reason why among us grew so big is because the game requires no actual gaming skill but is more based around decisions

  8. Here in space…I’m the one who dies

    But he wasn’t goin to die

  9. me: dosent mentin people under 18 cant play as whel because of-

    quick chat: ME IM EVEL

  10. @Macro I found this game that stole your thumbnail, I will try to find the name of the game and will edit the comment.

  11. When the marco gets ejected: "How could this happen to meeee?"

  12. here in space, you cant hear the lies, here in space, im the one who dies i dont know what i did to hurt you, i was in medbay doing tasks, but everybody kept on screaming, and nobody even asked HERE IN SPACE IM YELLING TROUGH THE IM YELLING TROUGH THE SKIES, HERE IN SPACE, NOT BODY CAN HEAR ME CRY, WHY?, Why?

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