To The Point: ‘Among Us’, How to Play Imposter

To The Point
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Mastering Among Us as an Imposter. Your time has COME!!
What you’ve all been waiting for 🙂

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Imposter Tips:
Lone Kills are bae
Use admin, find loners, stab stab
Jump in vent when kill ready, jump stab jump
Kill timer stops in vent
Closer to vents the better
Dont kill those you’ve hung around a lot
Drive by kills, Double kills, Stacked kills, and Spawn kills are so delicious
Kill those proven innocent and leave alive the idiots
Dont just run around, pretend to task
If down to final 4, lie on emergency meeting and eject, then kill
Always fix sabotages

Discussion tips:
Don’t overtalk unless you’re Goldwyn
Let idiots argue
stall for time, jokes are good
Don’t kill your imposter friend, buuuuut do sometimes
Don’t try and get random innocent crewmates out, have proof or a reason
Have a plan Stan!

Maps: – Skeld –
Mira –
Polus –

Credits for creating Mira and Polus maps:

Ninja Dojo credit :-

Official Among us Discord:


0:00 Intro
0:20 Imposter Tips
4:45 Imposter Discussions


  1. 4:18 that means when there is a sabotage, idk the name, you need to go to the opposide place of reactor (as example) to see where the kill was. But then youll look sus


  2. •   ゚  。   .

       .      .     。   。 .  

    .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

      ゚   Yellow was not An Impostor.  。 .

      '    1 Impostor remains     。

      ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  3. Hi i am a beginning youtuber and im making among us videos too now so if you guys maybe wanna take a look would be nice have a great day 🙂

  4. Me:don’t act sus don’t act sus kill's in front of a crewmate him:I saw me kill in front of me so he's it me:no I saw him kill it’s him trust!,! I saw him kill everyone:vote him off and we won as crewmate

  5. but what if all the crewmates are in groups what do i do then?

  6. Imposter Tip: If you have performed a kill get out of the room and lock the doors. This will be good on the polus map since there are lots of doors you can lock..(pin me for all to see!)

  7. "Who is orange and why is he still alive" 😂😂😂

  8. I’d probably do the whole throwing imposters under the bus thing if absolutely necessary BUT 100% of the time they would say I’m an imposter too or something

  9. I once got away with a very bold lie as an Impostor. We were on Polus, and my impostor partner and I did a double kill in the lab, but orange was hidden in the stack and witnessed our double-kill. Thinking fast, I said Orange “Glitched and killed two people at once… Glitches Surprise me too, but they still exist… There is a Med Scan glitch that lets you med scan while walking. Is this really so surprising?” Orange was desperate, but they ended up voting them off and securing my victory. It was so hilarious that we all laughed, and I was too busy laughing all next match to play effectively.

    In a later match on a different day, it was tense because I was an Impostor on Mira and yellow, Lime and White had all confirmed themselves via med scan. I couldn’t decide not to clear them either because I was sussed out last time I did that. Luckily white left early on, but I was still trying my darndest to find and kill those two confirmed crewmates. I saw lime on the stack while faking wires and stack killed, but got someone else instead of lime. I self reported and got away with it. In fact, that was the first stack kill I ever got away with in among us I think. Then the match started to reach its end, and people were starting to suspect me. I said to my red Impostor partner, “We have to stick with Yellow and Lime. It’s safer for us.” To which they agreed. I sabotaged the reactor, guarded the button, then went to the reactor when no one else was at the button. The sabotage ended, and my impostor partner and I quickly secured our win with a double-kill. That might have been the most nerve-wracking among us match I ever played.

  10. how do you know where all the security cameras are in each spot?

  11. I'm the best imposter in the world…. when my friend is over my shoulder telling me what to do-

  12. The Polus Map is when i enjoy being a Detective by looking at Pulses at the monitor in Office
    While at other map i kept exit
    Because couldn't even Be Impostor many times…

  13. 3:00 Ehhhh, not really. Sometimes, you need to check rooms for *bodies*. I don't think this is a very valid tip at all, checking rooms is ALWAYS important, crewmate or impostor. Especially Electrical as a crewmate. If you 'fake a task' and the other person isn't budging, you're kind of screwed. If they wait outside and notice the bar hasn't moved whilst you come out, again, you're kind of screwed.
    It's safer just to say 'i was checking for bodies and getting alibis on where people were' rather than saying 'i was doing a task'. One is more believable than the other.

    EDIT: 4:07 Doing lights/reactor/oxygen doesn't mean jack as an impostor to crewmates. Just because you do it, that doesn't mean you'll be cleared. Whoop-dee-doo, you walked over and helped. Except you were probably just trying to find someone to kill, and then realized we were already grouped together. This just doesn't work.

    EDIT 2: 5:00 'Don't overtalk in meetings' Wellll, yes and no. On the one hand, you are clearing others and you can be seen as trustworthy if you make your accusations validated and rather believable, such as 'Okay, so me and blue passed cyan going to medbay. Orange then reports cyan's body. Explain, please?' Many will think 'damn, he had good logic, but he wasn't right', because that's a rather believable accusation. (In reality, let's just say your impostor buddy killed, and vented away, with orange running over to report.) People will vote orange thinking 'ok yeah that guy had to have self reported most likely'. They won't sus you out as an impostor unless you make stupid accusations such as 'orange veneted lel'. Talking lots can also put you in good situations, where people consider you as innocent because you're providing so much information on where others were. This doesn't mean it works all of the time, however. It just means you need to determine when to speak and when not to. I absolutely HATE when people get thrown out for 'overly talking' in a game about discussion and cross-examination . It makes NO sense.

    EDIT 3: 'if two non-impostors are arguing, let them continue'. True and not true. This can lead to backfiring on you if you say NOTHING at all. The suspicious person can EASILY switch to the silent person if they don't say anything. Just pretend that you don't know who, or convince one of them as the 'impostor' only to then shift blame to the other one for accusing first.

    EDIT 4: 'if ur impostor buddy screwed up and is getting thrown out, join in and call them out' good way to get called out yourself via impostor buddy tbh. all it takes is a simple 'impostors are me and blue screw you blue backstabber' for blue to be thrown out

    I get the tips you're giving are good in *theory*, but in practice they often end up screwing you over.

  14. You know, my brother ones accused 5 crew mates, he was a crewmate himself and he didn't even get ejected. I was one of the people he kicked out and was a crewmate

  15. I do not agree with the tip Shut your mouth I know there are some who know how to talk as impostor


    i better do it myself than learning from youtube

  17. Tip: Dont be silent. cuz they always think the most quiet is sus

  18. What do those words say in Japanese
    At: 0:07

    Edit: forgive me if it is not japanese

  19. I put a new cheat in my channel in the ANTIBAN cheat that does not block accounts

  20. People who dosn´t know how to shut their mouth
    My Girlfriend: Eyyyyy thats meee

  21. Now I have to watch this video because I quit among us for a while

  22. You helped one of my family members learn to play the game.

  23. This is by far the best tips for imposter on the internet ..coming from an experienced imposter like myself i say bravo!

  24. “I don’t trust your little orange body” 😂😭

  25. Your voice reminds me of Francis Underwood from house of cards 😂

  26. I love how no one noticed how he misspelled "imposter" and not Impostor

  27. Hello. I have some news to make. A new hack wave started in Among Us again. Elvis, who is one of Eris's new hackers, came here. He promotes hacks and he said that it was made with the help of Sire Sirol. His name is very near with Eris which means he is a hacker. We need to spread this news as possible until Innersloth hears it.

  28. Thank you, this is better than me practicing in "Free Play" mode to memorize the map.

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