Among Us Guide – How to do tasks effectively

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This video will guide you on how to do tasks effectively in Among us. This video is only for the Skeld map only. It is also to find out which tasks are the longest one and vice versa. Doing tasks effectively is crucial because of the impostor’s skill cooldown. You will need a guide on how to make an efficient route for clearing tasks.

When we become a crewmate, there are tons of tasks (short, common, and Long) that we must do. Time is essentially important here. The players have to try their best to complete the tasks fast so they can have free time to rat out an impostor.


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  2. Oh that was so helpfull ihope that the damn players see it cuz i realy got out of brain because of dump players

  3. I like your voice, so you're not a robot to make hardass dashie levels😂😂

  4. that was helpful, left a thumbs up and full view. really enjoyed it

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