Among Us Skeld Task Guide (Visuals, Common, Short, Long)

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This video is about a task guide on the among us skeld map which includes all short, long, visual, and common tasks crewmates have. It is a good way to find out whos faking as an imposter. I might also make a video on among us Mirahq task guide, among us Polus task guide, and maybe an among us tips and tricks video. (Comment below if u want any of the above) Among us has many tasks that include medbay, card swipe, weapons, and many other visual tasks. There is also wires, trash, and fuel. This is a quick, easy, and fast among us skeld task guide.
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Made By FadedDeath AKA XxFadedDeathxX AKA Faded Death


  1. sick among us vid homie! we make similar content, can you check some of mine out?

  2. firsttt hi and oh i did it last time and it was fun

  3. Thanks faded I knew some but you helped with other things 🙏 thanks

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