Among Us How to Play – Guide & Tips (Xbox One | Series S|X)

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Here’s a detailed guide how to play Among Us on Xbox One | Series S|X. I run through the how to play guide, freeplay area and then take you into a real online game. I get elected to be the Imposter (first time as him). Watch the video to see how I do!


Among Us is a fairly simple game where 4 – 15 people play to try and discover who the imposter is on the ship. The crew mates have can win by either discovering who the imposter is or by completing all tasks assigned to all crew mates.

When learning how to play Among Us, there is a simple how to play section which explains the basic concepts. The freeplay area is a good place to practice the controls and learning how to do tasks.

There is no substitute to actually playing online though in a real game. I play online and get randomly picked to be the imposter.

After the game you earn beans for your performance. You can spend these on new accessories and costumes.

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  1. Where's the local button? I wanted to play locally with my friend on the xbox but the local button wasn't there.

  2. Um btw it won't let me join at allEdit: when I click host and public it loads but it doesn't work

  3. Can someone help me – I'm trying to get this to work on my boys ps4 – I take it he can't play it properly with the dummies moving or other people playing because he doesn't have PlayStation plus network ?

  4. The sabotage thing really doesn't give any clue on how to work it

  5. I have a problem while signing in it says user had signed out

  6. There's just one task I can't seem to figure out on the controller. The one in electrical on the right side with the 3 thinkgs slowly turning with the different colors labeled 1, 2 , 3.

  7. Do you need Xbox live gold to play among us online?

  8. 𝐋ŏ̈𝐬𝐞𝐫·★·𝐊ȃ̈𝐫𝐦ă̈ says:

    how can I do two player

  9. Among Us Doesn’t Work for me I try to play a public game but it keeps saying “Your parental controls, or the parental controls of the players you are attempting to join do not allow you to play together” what does that mean

  10. Where I's The Local Room So I's Buttons ONLINE FREE PLAY AND HOW TO PLAY?

  11. How do you do the sabotage on the controller? I can’t figure it out.

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