How to Setup & Host Among Us Private Server (Imposter) | Full Guide

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Want to host your own private server for mods, privacy or anything like that? Well, big streamers often need to use this kind of software to keep their IP addresses private and stuff like that. This guide shows you how to download, install and set up your own private among us server using the “Imposter” software. By the end, you should have a fully functional, moddable server that you and your friends can play on. This video covers the Firewall and Port Forwarding as well!

Imposter GitHub:

Got more than 1 router? You need Multi-router port forwarding:

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0:00 – Explanation
0:25 – What is Imposter (Among Us Private Server)?
0:57 – Downloading Imposter & Imposter server
1:44 – Downloading other versions from GitHub (Not always compatible)
2:26 – Install Server & Client
4:13 – Downloading Imposter & Imposter Experimental server
5:00 – Starting Imposter Server
5:28 – Setting up Imposter for Players (Client)
5:57 – Joining Among Us Private server (Imposter)
6:27 – Firewall
8:17 – Port Forwarding Imposter (Among Us Private Server)
11:00 – Playing with friends on the internet
14:00 – Closing server
14:20 – How to join on Android, iOS & another Windows method

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.


  1. If your connecting to the vpn IP on impostor how does it know your trying to connect to the port forwarded ip

  2. Impostor.Server.exe does not open for me
    (it shows it for a second and than it disappears)

  3. How do I completely disable anti-cheat for my server (so that when I'm testing mods it doesn't randomly ban me for hacking)

  4. Thank you very much for this perfect tutorial! I can't wait to play Town of Us tonight! 🙂

  5. I managed to complete the tutorial sucsessfully, but the sad thing, is that after I downloaded the experimental version (v1.2.2), the game still writes me, that I'm running an older version of the game.
    And I hope that's because the latest version of Impostor, is not compatible with the latest version of Among Us…

  6. can you make a tutorial for making a dns for these servers?

  7. I can create game from any computer but I can't join a game with the code. Do someone know this problem ?

  8. wait so do I need to use my local computer IP for the public server? Lmao

  9. Sir Its Not letting me join a Game even Private lobby help me!! Please reply!!

  10. When I do this I can't connect to my own server. I only get disconnects. What could be the issue here?

  11. my friend is disconnecting when he's joining how do I fix it

  12. Just to let people know, I'm pretty sure Imposter does not work with 15 players yet, even the beta version.
    I hope this help some of you!

  13. You can be an announcer or an advertiser on Radio or TV with such a deep voice.

    Thanks for the explanation for the game btw.

  14. First of all, Awesome voice.
    Second of all, you don't have a router, will all of this not work?
    Third of all, SERIOUSLY, your voice is crisp.👌

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