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*We currently use this WeakAura to vote on the players with dread:
We did have one that would automatically solve the mechanic for us, but that no longer seems to be working: *

*EDIT: You can see we kill Shaenae without a knockback or the indicative beam of light afterward. We got that wrong. We had two people call for Shaenae, which indicates that we needed three calls instead. I also suspect that we had 5 players who could see the dreadlords, rather than four. We did download a WeakAura that lets us vote on the imposters but we weren’t really using it. We killed the Lords of Dread in 4 pulls so haven’t had much practice with this mechanic yet.*

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to do the Inflitration of Dread mechanic (aka Among Us) on the Lords of Dread. We downed this boss for the first time last night on Normal difficulty, so I made a very quick rundown of how we did it. I hope it helps!

You can check out our Heroic kill video here:
And our Normal kill video here:

Warcraft Logs:

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World of Warcraft (WoW) Patch 9.2 Shadowlands – Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal Raid – Lords of Dread. Necrolord Restoration Shaman PoV gameplay video.


  1. i still don't understand this phase, its frustrating me

  2. I've watched some guides on this encounter and they would mention the Among Us mechanic but not go into practical methods of doing it. TYVM!

  3. I should add that it helps for everyone to stand still so the imposters can be identified quickly. Make sure you're keeping comms clear as well.

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