Among Us Imposter Kills Achievement Guide on Xbox (A TASTE FOR IT, KILLER, ASSASSIN, SCOURGE)

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  1. Assassin is bugged for me, been stuck on 98% for ages

  2. Does this still work? I see no progression on the " stats " ( steam version )

  3. Thanks for this guide! Should have my 1k much sooner than expected!

  4. Sadly the taste for it achievement is glitch for me on Xbox but the 50 and 150 kill achievement unlocked without a problem

  5. Another cool thing about this method is you can also actually get "H U N G E R" as well.

  6. What I would actually recommend is doing what he did but instead of going into Mira go to Skeld and make yourself imposter and go around and kill all 6 of the dummies, after doing so you'll get a message saying they have all been revived, just keep going around and killing all 6, this way you wont have to leave the game and reload in, and since Skeld is a small map its much faster to get around.

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