Among Us Skeld – ADVANCED map Guide

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Among Us Skeld Guide – ADVANCED map Guide

The most detailed Skeld guide on the internet. Enjoy!

I’m a small channel with great ambitions. My goal is to play in the lobbies of some of the Big Fish. And I need y’all’s help to get me there.

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  1. Great video. Love the concept of- early game kill in rooms- late game kill in hallways so admin can’t track them

  2. Thank you I fucking suck at this map 😂

    Edit: "Right side of the map is bad early because it's crowded."

    Hafu: "Hold my knife." Lol

  3. Great vid. Just have one question. Hadn't you said in a past video that killing somewhere where a lot of people are, for example the right side of the map, can cause confusion since nobody can be cleared? I am refering to the beginning of the video.
    Anyways, thanks for the quality videos!

  4. You're going to blow up one day, great content, its pretty helpful actually

  5. I’ve found that killing right side is actually much better then killing left side if you want to kill r1. This is because everyone else will be together right side so there will be a lot of clears. You would have to kill while lights are off tho.

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