Among Us Modding After Airship – The Guide To Among Us Modding PT. 3

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Among Us Modding After Airship – The Guide To Among Us PT. 3
How to create texture mods for Among Us after the Airship update!


PhotoViewer (Photo Viewer & Editor):

VC++ redistributable:

.NET 5.0:


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Vital Whales
By Unicorn Heads
(Downloaded from YouTube Studio’s Audio Library)


  1. When you open the .assets file, I recommend choosing sharedassets0.assets or sharedassets1.assets, they tend to have the most interesting things to modify.

  2. And for some reason it keeps not responding and crashed every time i load a asset file

  3. Hey! I thank you for making this! But uh.. I don't have the "Batch export png" option. Any help?

  4. hi, Thank you for this but btw can you also change the in-game font back to the old one? The old Arial font i meant before the 12th April update with the new font.

  5. Can you make a tutorial on how to mod version 2021.11.9.2? i'm honestly confused on which files are for the store and which are for in-game.

  6. when i try to open a file it says invalid file or unknown version help

  7. Thank you so much! I am very Happy I can do this. I liked and subbed

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