Among Us Impostor Guide: Lie and deceive your way to victory!

Creamy Goodness
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The guide is finally here! I realized while making it that there is a lot more info than I expected! So hopefully this 20 mins of knowledge will help you! I didn’t even manage to put everything I wanted to in this video. If you want, I’ll be happy to release a cheat sheet of the many different strats I gathered/researched. That, and I may do analysis of impostor game play. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Common Tasks
1:14 Keep these in mind
2:30 Stay cool, be a good sport
3:14 Sabotage Overview
3:30 Oxygen/Reactor
3:49 Lights
4:34 Comms
5:00 Doors
5:22 Vent Hazard

5:37 Early game tips
6:24 Kill button tip

6:50 Risky kill play
7:15 Self Reporting

8:06 Early Game Discussion tips
10:27 Mid/Near end game tips
12:15 Mid game strategy example
12:50 Mid/Near end game discussion tips
14:18 Vote timing
15:04 Tips for tying the vote
16:12 Locking down the win
17:24 End game play example
17:42 End game discussion analysis and tips
19:28 Outro

“Hunter” By Avery Alexander

“Luigi’s Mansion [Remix]” by Qumu

“Through the Void and Into the Chasm” By Creamy Goodness


  1. comms sabotage is real powerful for stack kills, as it doesnt flash when it is correct. it then slowly turns green when correct giving time for stack kills, ( like 3-4 secs?)also killing when screen is blocked, be careful, the crew can see some of their screen. for ex, dont kill someone at the download in electric when someone is doing the 3 rings. they will see it.

  2. Awesome! It is so complete and helpful! Thanks!

  3. The fake comm9n task literally happened the moment the game started with my friends last night. On Polus I faked chart course and the other guy faked keys, the 3rd guy there called button instantly and I had no choice but to boot my impostor mate out

  4. Friend of mine recommended this channel to me and you 100% deserve more subs mate!! Very helpful stuff

  5. I found this super helpful, unlike most "Beat imposter EVERYtime" videos, this is super indepth and really covers all the right things

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