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We add a SKINNY Imposter in Among Us

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  1. Sunddee is cracked at among us that's why he always wins as imposter or crewmate

  2. Bro I felt so bad for zud 😔

    Can I get an f in the chat for zud, and henwy too.

  3. To be honest Sundee you might want to stop making a fool of yourself when you do that.

  4. And also how did you get into that among us because when I go into my among us it doesn’t have that can you do a video and teach us how we can go into like those things that have the things in the video in the among us story you know but can you just teach us because I know that you have played among us for a long time because I can tell but in one video and can you just show us how we get like for example to remember the last time that there was the big mouth that could come remember I had the Gummies? Can you teach us that and everybody please leave a like if you want him to💗meow

  5. And sundee is changing severs until he is the Imposter

  6. I can’t like this video because I drink food and eat liquids

  7. If you ever see Henry on the Airship he's down there and where the platform is so he's the dangerous imposter and there's a red dude what's so big he ate the big little snow thing

  8. You see that big lava area little pool that's where the guy bites it

  9. You know something when you said everybody if you ever ate food you press the light button everyone needs food Ding-Dong I'm sweet a little innocent angel🤪🤪🤪

  10. You sound do a pizza mod we're all of you are pizza but the Imposter is a rotn pizza

  11. Oh shit the like button turned white not blue how am I alive

  12. I know this video has been uploaded 1 year ago, but SSundee… this is the first ever video I've watched, then I started to watch more of your videos. Keep up the awesome videos!😁👍

  13. I wish i was your son and my friends my family and we could be a happy family

  14. MY SKIN IS BURNINGGGG HELP MEEEEE THE SUN IS TOO HOT btw love your videos now lets continoue

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