Among Us: Proximity Chat Setup Guide | Complete Crash Course | CrewLink

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Want Among Us with Area/Proximity Voice Chat? This guide shows you how to quickly install and get the mod working with little effort. It’s super simple when you know what you’re doing. Want a Private CrewLink server? See this guide: !

Among Us Twitch Drop Guide:

CrewLink Releases:
Creating a private CrewLink server:

0:00 – Explanation
0:41 – Downloading CrewLink
1:11 – Installing CrewLink
1:17 – Setting up CrewLink
2:17 – Playing Among Us with Proximity Chat
2:47 – Check other people can hear you
3:00 – Playing Among Us with Proximity Chat & Friends
3:31 – Friends & CrewLink
4:24 – Testing CrewLink in-game

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.


  1. Do you know if its possible to do this with bluestacks?

  2. my proximity makes my PC laggy, and it sounds like everyone is laggin. Any tips? Kinda sucks too because I can’t hear some of the people even tho they have crewlink

  3. am i the only one that heard him say "whats up my name is technoblade welcome back to trouble chute" um?

  4. I think you're the only person besides myself that does very detailed, professional tutorials that actually help people and address all their questions without people needing to comment

  5. when i go to download crewlink it takes FOREVER 92 hours for 109 mb) even though my internet is fast? wtf

  6. Does this work with Mac computers? My friend has a Mac.

  7. question, do all players need to have it installed to be able to play?

  8. but if i son't have steam and i use blue stacks how do i do

  9. so i accidentally muted my mic and it says that to unmute it is right alt but when i press it i dont get unmuted what do i do to make my mic work again

  10. if i press download it takes 11 hours, why? My internet is good… 500k

  11. I saw on many streams that a player at the cam could hear the players who are nearby a cam, it doesn't work for me, does anyone have an idea please

  12. for some reason theres a logo with no connection or no voice chat… whys that?

  13. I don’t know why but since we’re playing with my friends with crewlink installed, we’ve never heard someone through cameras, is there an option to activate it, like spacial audio ?

  14. Why other players are markeds by connection problems

  15. so what does is mean if they have a wifi signal marked out on there avatar?

  16. when im playing my game the voice chat is so glitchy what do i do

  17. i keep getting a error that says: error: writing to file what do i do for that??

  18. It's usually not working for me at all, and when it does every ones voices are so low, like at 2% even when i'm standing literally inside them…

  19. I join a game, everyone else has crewlink but they have disconnected icons and I can't hear them.

  20. I just want to add that crewlink can work on a free/piroted version of among us, It's a little buggy on startup but it can work

  21. Yeah but it glitches allot like someone would be talking to me, and then i would here: an i-i-i-i-i-i

  22. i have a 32 bits os and it shows javascript error any way i could solve this

  23. no matter how many times i reopen crewlink that little thing wont pop up, I'm currently on 2.0.1

  24. Hi, its not working for me, like my stuff never shows up in the crew link menu. do you know how i could fix it? I did not buy through steam, is that why? thank you so much

  25. I dont understand english good…. but I done it… respects dude

  26. 3:56 That Is Virus That Message Says "Windows protected Your PC"

  27. Problem: I tried to run it as administrator and still it only says menu. What can I do to fix it?

  28. I dont think its working with the new update, i hit ctrl r but it still only shows MENU and settings

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