Among Us Tips and Tricks: THE SKELD

Zombie Rummager
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A full, in-depth guide for both crewmates and impostors on THE SKELD. In my opinion, this is the least complicated map in Among Us, so I thought I would make this tips and tricks video about it AFTER the other two. Among Us is a game similar to mafia, where there are crewmates (innocents) and impostors (mafia). Among Us is really blowing up on Twitch right now, and I’ve been playing it a lot, so I’m hoping this guide / tips and tricks video helps some newer players!

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  1. Comms sabotage is really underrated cause the cameras and the admin table wont work until its fixed so you can ignore cams and vent without being worried that someone sees it on the admin panel.

  2. Comms can disable the cams and that’s good for the imposter

  3. This was EXACTLY the type of video Im looking for. Im super appreciative of your time and thorough explanation and discussion of the map and game details. Im gonna study this and your other videos to majorly improve my gameplay as imposter. I really hope to see more videos like this man!

  4. Personally, I'd say comms are somewhat useful. It hides the taskbar (Imposters can fake tasks w/o suspicion, as the crewmates can't see the taskbar go up or stay where it is, also making to possible to throw the blame on others.)

    I'm fairly certain that you can only fix it from one point (People group together: Try some stack kills if nobody's watching the stack.)

    And not only does it hide the taskbar, but it also hides what tasks the crewmates have, on the map, and the little menu under the taskbar. (Is it a menu? I'm not sure.) So they have to wander around to find the tasks if nobody fixes it.

    People don't tend to go fix it, due to the fact it's nothing critical such as O2 or Reactor, so if you Sabotage it, there's a timeframe where people don't know where their tasks are and if the taskbar is going up after certain peoples tasks.

    I had to edit this in, cause I forgot, but when you call comms I'm pretty sure it disables both cams/security and admin, so it's a good way to get past someone on cams.

    Like said in the video: It's secluded. That makes it a good spot to kill if nobody is around. The downside is that there's no vent. If someone sees you walk out of there, and then finds a body in there, or a body is reported and is in there after you are seen walking out, chances are you're getting thrown out unless you can place blame on another.

    Hope this helped! This is just based purely on my personal experiences with comms sabotaging, so I apologize if I've said anything wrong!

  5. I never really have a strategy going into a game. I kinda just kill and then make one so that i can get the most kills in one round without being sus.

  6. in navigation is so easy just click the middlle without drag

  7. I just do comms because people find that the most complicated to fix

  8. Oh my god man, I just figured out if the rest of the unsubscribed men and women did subscribe to you, you would be near Mr.Beast

  9. In nav, u can just click/tap in the center and it will automatically completed, for align output task, you align it, and then click/tap 1 or 2 times the arrow that aligns the engine, and it completes automatically too, which is kinda op, because it saves lot of time. Hope the align task makes sense, since I have trouble explaining it

  10. Instead of going to Lower and Upper Engine to do the task twice. You can do it once by toggling the nob to and center and once it's in the center, you can click the nob once and the task is done. No need for you to go to the other engine.

  11. The hardest task as a crewmate is any task that involves going into electrical.

  12. Tip for card swipe: if you literally CAN’T do card swipe, try turning OFF vsync by going into settings, graphics, vsync OFF 😉

  13. Pro tip: if you stand close to the bottom of security, you can see the vents through the walls in med bay and electrical. So if they vent from electric to medbay, you can see on cams who comes out of med bay and say they are imposter!

  14. Very basic things being spoken of be honest. All these things kinda obvious, so I wouldn't say it's "Tips and Tricks", but thanks for the effort bro.

  15. The Stabilize Steering Task is the hardest task.

    Everyone: CARD SWIPE.

  16. The hardest task in the game is calibrate distributer. It is just SO HARD to align that, PLUS IT TAKES UP THE ENTIRE F*CKING SCREEN!!!

  17. I once had a game with the "master of logs" saying i vented in balcony when i really walked from the first door and out the other… 🗿

  18. 98.6%
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  19. 3:10 , you can finish both parts of it on the first one, once you align it double click on the arrow and it should do both

  20. My favorite imposter tactic is to go to shields sabotage the lights and kill someone in shields then run to electrical to fix lights to not act sus

  21. Why would you ask someone to subscribe before they even watch the video?

  22. I subscribed because I think your super generous and super straightforward and kind!

  23. When you do the align engines task, before they line up you can click on the triangle thing and it does both the upper and lower engine alignments for you. Hope this tip helps 🙂

  24. Come on man… The hardest task??? You can LITERALLY just click in the centre

  25. Also a friendly note… After aligning the engine, click on the arrow and the task is complete after doing it only once

  26. For the first task (the one with the target that you align to center) all you have to do is click center. You do not have to drag anything.

  27. You don't have to drag to do the navigation task, just click in the middle. It at least works on mobile, anyway.

  28. "This is the hardest task in the game"

    Swipe card: Hold my beer

  29. Did this guy just say that stabilize steering is the hardest task in the game

  30. Comms sabotage explanation:
    •It blocks the task list so crew don't know what tasks they have
    it prevents use of cameras and (I believe) Admin. But that's it.

  31. Comms disables cams and no one ever really botheres to fix it unless someone’s done all their tasks and are watching cams for anyone sus, because they don’t have anything to do and they’re going to fix comms for something to do and then go back to watch cams, but it’s not very likely. Comms also disables the taskbar

  32. Him:this is probably the hardest task in the game
    Me:comes back 25 years after trying to swipe my card

  33. so a trick for comms is like
    when you do comms
    crewmate looks in cams: it says "comms disabled" so thats one trick for comms and crewmates cant look because there is not internet

  34. Did he just say that the task in nav is the hardest that’s the easiest

  35. Impostor: Fakes Task And Waits For Task Bar To Go Up
    Me:He Is Strangely Taking So Long To Finish The Task…… It Seems Sus.

  36. U know in the "HARDEST TASK EVER " u can just tap the middle with ur mouse.

  37. Skeld is really that kind of map which is not really friendly for impostors

    Lets just start with the fact that almost every vent can be seen through a wall or an obstacle of some kind, making venting without being noticed practically impossible

    Not to mention that (almost) every room has only 2 ways to escape from it if not using a vent

    What among us should do is something for people in vents, such as being able to sabotage in vents or see through walls while being in a vent

    Or see the location of every player/the closest players to you on the map or something

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