What is Among Us? (Beginner’s Guide, Review, Tips and Tricks)

Jack Benci
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Among Us is a Hidden Role Survival Game for 4 – 10 Players. For those of you familiar with similar traitor style games, Among Us could be thought of as a blend between Werewolf and Deceit. In a game, 1 – 3 players will be Imposters, whose job is to kill all the other crew members without being caught, while Crewmembers must perform repairs and all the tasks across the map. Whenever a body is found the game stops as everyone votes to kill one person. Players talk, discuss evidence and exchange alibis as they must figure out the Imposters between them…

It goes without saying that sharing these videos goes along way. But aside from that, you can also join us in these games!

Introduction – 0:00
Crewmembers – 1:43
Imposters – 4:06
Emergency Meetings – 6:23
The Skeld – 8:03
MIRA HQ – 10:08
Polus – 12:22
Balanced Games – 14:09
General Tips – 15:27
Conclusion – 20:22



  1. Bro this man has 900 likes and like four hundred subs like wtf also 34 thousand views!!!

  2. Everyone asks "Who's the impostor?" but not "How's the impostor?"

  3. Playing with randoms all depend on who your playing with. Some are just straight up sh¡t while others you can actually enjoy playing with a lot.

    And it depends on if your a PU—Y OR NOT

  4. The problem with this game is it can unexpectedly prevent you from cooperating with your friends by forcing you to become the impostor. I don't like to be the impostor really.

  5. I'm new . When the meeting is called I can't hear no one talking what do I do

  6. he does know you can turn off visual tasks and common tasks… right?

  7. Jack I made subtitles in English for the video, check out the submitted translations section (turns out creators dont get notified about Contributions :/ )

  8. My strategy is basically just silence. I kill people stealthily and leave the room via vent. Usually nobody sees me but they still figure my identity as the impostor.

  9. What's the music used in the introduction, and in the crewmembers section? Groovy as hell

  10. I really hope this game is on switch it's PERFECT for getting players to use the switch online service.

  11. Benci in indonesian means hate…

    I hope you're not indonesian

  12. bruh i was watching this in the background with only audio, and somehow i still knew it had a danganronpa reference lmao. rad

  13. Me:
    taking notes like a madman fully planning to use these psychological tips against those I called friends for 13 years, all while thinking "sorry bro, but peace was never an option"

  14. Try turning off visible tasks and confirm eject. Means there is no confirmation either way.

  15. him: it best shines when you have friends in a private game

    me: has no friends

  16. So they basically converted mafia "a hardcore psychological game" to a simple video game. if you are iranian you know….

  17. 1:35 i suggest adding an info card with a link to this video: https://youtu.be/yXvdkZofQxU – because otherwise this part may confuse some people and make them think “oh cool it’s been 4 years so that game probably exists now” and then finds almost no trace of such a game anywhere

  18. Me claims we should throw sus to yellow and blue because they both skipped keys everyone else saying that not everyone had keys and voted me out and the game ends being yellow and blue me ;-;

  19. I am only here because my kids have become obsessed with this game and I am curious as to what all the screaming and yelling is for.

  20. This game looks like an awesome game for those who have friends, not me. Not gonna buy it 🙁

  21. This is such a fantastic summing up of the game – thank you so much for this! I’m playing for the first time tonight!!!

  22. The point that you shouldnt play public is… very true.

  23. Hey guys I also made an Among Us review If you want check It out I'm trying to grow 🙂

  24. This video rlly helped me a lot be a pro in among us u is awesome sr.

  25. Oh, ok. So it's like one of those murder mystery dinner party things. They're pretty sus.

    I just wanted to learn to properly use the word "sus" because I hear all the cool kids saying it these days

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