AMONG US SABOTAGE GUIDE !!! How to Sabotage in Among Us ! Among Us Sabotage Tutorial Tips and Tricks

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This video is a simple Among Us Sabotage Guide and a Crewmate Tips and Tricks video. This Among Us Sabotage Tutorial teaches you how to effectively sabotage doors lights reactor and comms in Among Us as an Impostor. Simple among us sabotage tutorial.



  1. Thank you so much for this quick guide now I can become a better imposter.

  2. Hahah I always forget to sabotage , I just run around killing blokes

  3. Can impostors win if the crewmates were only able to fix 1 reactor or 1 O2 in skeld?

  4. Why is there an oxygen sabotage if they wear spacesuits?

  5. I click icons to sabotage things on mobile but it never works :/

  6. Thanks, I been playing the game a lot laying down I needed to learn how to sabotage properly

  7. oxygen and doors ? wtf ? only oxygen map with doors is skeld and if u do a sabotage all doors open xD

  8. Ahhh! I'm so glad I looked this up! I've been wanting to sabotage lights but I didn't know which one was for lights! Thank you so much! <3

  9. Tip: Sabotage fix lights and kill someone so that no one knows who killed him

  10. Sabotaging oxygen….

    I still don't know why they die when oxygen gets sabotaged like they have space suits

  11. we all know how to sabotage but dis tutorial is only for among us newbies

  12. Impostors that dont sabotage at All are so damn boring.. Personally when im impostor, i like to close doors in places where im Not currently at. That way, it shifts potential suspicion away towards other people that may get stuck with someone else.

  13. If there are only 3 players left and you're impostor sabotage something and wait till your kill cool down drops

  14. a bit late but im the type on mira and polus to make a lights kill when a few are opening doors

  15. Does anyone else have this problem? I use the sabotage button and click on something I want to sabotage – but nothing seems to happen. I play on a computer via steam and don't know what the issue may be. Is it simply not visible to the (imposter) player if a sabotage was successful?

  16. me new as impostor and thinking the sabotage button is the kill button: …………..

  17. I watched this video even tho its impossible for me to get impostor.

  18. On skeld, i sabotage lights, wait off the side of electrical, and wait for some1 to come in for a quick easy kill, only if they alone obv

  19. If you’re a beginner, this is perfect for you! 🙂

  20. You talk too quiet, 100% volume on my computer is still quiet

  21. Thank you very much. I've been struggling at getting things right, hopefully with this guide I will now give them hell as an imposter

  22. Yep everyone denfily didn’t know this thanks for the advice 🙂 😂

  23. I'm trying to find out how to do the instant sabotage glitch

  24. Quick tip lead all the crewmats and imposters to security when your the imposter sabotage reactor then close the security doors

  25. Btw, you can’t use doors while a sabotage is going on.

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