Among Us Tips and Tricks: HOW TO WIN AS IMPOSTOR

Zombie Rummager
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An in-depth guide on how to win as impostor! Includes how to get away with kills, how to have an alibi, how to not get voted off, and more!
Bonus tip for those of you who check description: Don’t forget to target confirmed crewmates!!!

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  1. My tips for being impostor…

    1. If you kill, don’t run away someone could easily walk in and know it’s u. Instead use vents they’re WAYY easier.
    2. Also if you kill I prefer to close doors when no ones looking and also lock doors from where you’re gonna vent to.
    Ect. If you’re in Medbay and someone’s in security. Close the doors of Medbay and security then vent to security kill the person, vent back to Medbay and pretend like someone locked you in.
    3. Sabotage lights if you want to kill someone. It makes it difficult for someone to know if it was you because they can’t see.
    4. A smart trick or tip for among us is, first sabotage lights. Go to Medbay and stand on the submit scan task, when someone walks in leave the room, they will now think you’re clear because you were doing a scan in the dark. So they won’t suspect you.
    5. Always ALWAYS check if cams are on other wise that can stuff everything up.
    6. If someone does see you vent or kill on cams then quickly sabotage security ASAP until your kill cool down goes down so you can kill the person about to call an emergency meeting.
    7. Just do not act dumb. Don’t act like you didn’t see the body or don’t say “iT wAsNt Me” that’s just a poor excuse. Instead tell them a place you were in and what task you were doing, but if 2+ people saw you walk past a body or kill just don’t say it wasn’t you. It’s really annoying, instead try to hypnotise people.
    8. Try and gain people’s trust so they can have your back and convince people that you’re safe and you were with them, but if u do have a teammate that’s a crewmate. Pretend you lost them go kill someone and find them immediately :).
    9. Cafe is the worst place you can kill in since it’s big and anyone can walk in there. It’s just not safe.
    10. DONT SELF REPORT THEN ACT SUS. If u do wanna self report act chill and try to blend in and tell everyone where they were and what they were doing, and then tell them where the body was so people know if they’re sus or not.

  2. My tips and tricks:
    1. Sabotage the comms for your fake tasks to be believable and so administrators and nightguards cant monitor you
    2. Sabotage the lights for easier kills
    3. Sabotage Reactor and O2 to repel people from your crimes
    4. Sabotage the doors for vent kills
    5. When you leave your dead victim, leave out the door then sabotage it
    6. Self report only once or twice in a game but never in succesion
    7. Kill then buddy up with a group of crewmates away fron the body
    8. Never stalk or chase your victims around the ship for those watching WILL sus you
    9. Never kill those who sus you, nor trust you. Kill the people who trust your sussers.
    10. Never fake common tasks the crew DOESNT have
    11. When you spawn in the cafe, sabotage the door, then medbay, upper engine, and storage, last, security, electrical, and lower engine. That is the most efficient way to block the crew from doing tasks.
    12. NEVER kill in areas with more than 1 entrance nor those areas that dont have vents
    NoSecrets, signing off.

  3. Okay so my tricks are pretty trash but I wanna share some for the skield map

    1. If you kill someone the best thing to do would be to vent and sabotage Ex: You killed somebody in navigation, Vent into a room where nobody usually comes then sabotage the reactor which is pretty far from navigation so nobody goes to Navigation. Once you’re at reactor people wont sus you unless you’ve done something in the previous round
    2. This one is pretty sad cuz you gotta rat out you’re teammate lmao. If you’re teammate says something like “Me and brown are safe” you must turn ur teammate in the next round. Cause If you’re teammate gets caught you’d get caught aswell
    3. (For stack kills) the best place to stack kill is at communications, Admin, o2, Reactor, and Electrical IF u perform a stack kill Do not Even move or run out of the room after killing, pretend like nothing happened
    4. (Framing crewmates) it’s best to Frame someone when 3-5 people are left playing if the ejects are off you’re fine if they aren’t follow this: If people suspect you get a friend or you’re teammate to vouch for you for ex: “I saw brown do a visual task” And you’re cleared right after that Sabotage o2 or electrical and you have two choices here Stack kill, or frame a crewmate
    5. (Faking tasks) Not everybody has the admin swipe task when the game begins so just follow some people around and “do” the tasks that they’re doing and you won’t be sus.
    6. (Kills) it’s best to kill somebody when nobody’s at the cameras, if nobody is looking, or if the doors are locked. If there’s someone at security go to security and kill that person. Sabotage the communications right after that

  4. Tip: If you see someone scan or do any visual tasks, clear them. It can lower your sus since some imposters don’t clear then and if you blame them even though they know that you saw them do a visual task, they’ll know it’s you.

    Tip 2: If your imposter, check your map to see your “tasks” cause if your on polus and you skip keys that can be bad.

    Tip 3: Act a certain way as crew mate and make the other crew mates notice how you act, then when your imposter try and act the SME WAY and it can lower your sus

    Tip 4: If you’ve been with someone for a while, try and keep them alive because they can be an alibi.

  5. Oh I watch you video not videos cause this is my first one so I don’t have to sub 😎

  6. Tip for imposter… if someone blames you… blame them back and say “im a girl btw” and for some reason everyone votes for them 🙂

  7. With my group everyone just yells and argues until someone yells louder or something

  8. I have a strat,if you see the camera blinking close security's door becuase theres a good chance there are 2 crew mates in there so one crew mate will think thee other tried to kill them

  9. One time I was imposter and the only reason I lost is because everyone was cleared and it was the most frustrating thing ever


  11. the one and only thing that gets me mad about Among Us, is that the imposter could say it was me before i said it was them, with no explanation and they still vote me out. I actually wait and don't vote away so people don't feel what i feel. Please don't listen to them without an explanation.

  12. I hate when I become the imposter for the first time in days and some random says I’m sus twenty seconds into the game all the sheep’s say okay and I lose automatically

  13. i hate how i kill someone then my heart starts beating a lot and i get scared someone is on cams watching

  14. My strategy is turning the crewmates against each other. And I do that by earning the trust of the crews.

    Usually in the first half of the game, i travel with other crews. Especially when there’s only two of us, then shift with another crew, but not killing anyone.

    Try locking a crewmate with you at a room but not kill him/her. That way, they wont sus you at emergency meetings/body report. You might have to wait for a perfect timing to do this tho, like if theres a crew or 2 at the other side of the door so they can also see.

    I don’t accuse any crews at all, I also defend other crews sometimes but not often, and I only vote if there are more than 2 crews suspecting a crew, but most of the time I skip.

    I only kill when I sabotage the lights, stack kill, or if there’s 3 of us left.

    I’m not saying you’ll win 100% tho, there’s always a risk of them suspecting you.

  15. I got tip
    If u kill in security close up security, medbay and electrical because them places if where u can vent from security so then they wouldent know if u vented they will think u were there already

  16. Tips and Tricks:
    1. YOU gotta be host
    2. and just ban/kick everybody 🙂

  17. Counter play to someone checking to see if there’s a body when you sabotage is to not kill and just kill whoever is checking. Then go with the group to take care of sabotage.

  18. At skeld I fake the wires because It’s a 3 part task and I do the 2 part

  19. i never be the imposter even if i be one the other votes me out:(

  20. My most ragging amoung us game is I was crew so I did my task in medbay then there was a stack kill in admin then they blamed me when I was the only 1 not in admin and I was like HOW

  21. Something not to do as an impostor:

    Vent into elec,
    Kill the person in elec,
    Vent to security and pretend to go on cams.

    This doesn't work because :

    Loads of people know you can vent from elec to security, and if you say you were on cams then people auto think you vented there.

    That's sort of a fact for a crewmate aswell

  22. Something that might work as a crewmate :

    Host a game where last person the impostor,
    Make sure they don't see the settings for no card swipe,
    Let them go into elec and fake admin swipe so you have proof,
    Then simply use your evidence and tell the crew who the impostor is.

    Hope it's useful!!

  23. If people are camping admin and cams the whole game it gets much harder as Imposter.

  24. How I got voted out in Among Us for finding the imposter 5 seconds into the game:
    So I suck as imposter, but I’m a pretty good crewmate. I have a decent memory so I can remember admin info, cams, vitals, logs etc, and who goes with who. But this is one round that I am very proud of:
    On skeld I was in a lobby with 5 people and one imposter (not my settings). I pre ran to weapons and luckily I did actually have weapons, so I started doing my task.
    Green runs in and stands at the divert power task in weapons. The game has just started so there’s no way they got to electrical, even using vents.
    So I finish weapons and they’re still standing there. I call a meeting to get them out.
    And the fricking people vote me out.
    The next round I’m doing my tasks as a ghost and following green, and I watch them kill lime.
    I was right.

  25. As impostor I often tend to either overthink my kills, losing a good opportunity

    Or I miss out details, like people watching cams

  26. When I'm impostor I litterally pretend I'm a crewmates no kills no sabs (only sometimes)

  27. Every time i get killed but not in space i Automatically lose

  28. "dude u went into vent"
    "im engineer"
    "retard there is no engineer"

  29. Also you might need to savo near the body If your on the other side of the map and go to admin to frame and walk in on the body with them ( so basically you’d savo near the body and walk in on it and lose suspension and potentially frame someone else)

  30. One the BEST tip I can find Is Killed and delay and stand next to a Person So when they report they think it a self report This WORK Pefectly with 3 peope and if they do Medbay scan Pefect just clear him and he can vouch for you and affer Rage Quit L Sometimes It Beatther to delay and fake out self reporting Hey you With Him and he blaming you when Somone saw Him Medbay scan and clear HIM Crewmate: He not the Imposter he A crewmate Otther crewmate: It not me Imposter: LAUGING Hardcore then affer you win said got ya

  31. As the imposter, I always lie about being finished my tasks. It usually works, try it out.

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