Among Us | Short But Sweet Trophy & Achievement Guide (Boosting & Using A Glitch, ~2 Hour Platinum)

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00:08 Intro
00:55 How to host/boost
01:24 ExpressVPN Ad
01:53 Game Settings
02:23 Impostor Related Trophies
06:15 Crewmate Related Trophies
09:48 150 Total Kills | Trophy Glitch
11:31 500 Total Tasks | Trophy Glitch

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Outro: – Creator – Inova

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  1. As an achievement, I miss 3 kills before an emergency meeting. Are there any software on PC that can auto-add bots?

  2. I opened multiple clients on my pc but it wouldn’t let me join the game the second time because of a login duplication ugh

  3. It would be amazing and really useful if you made a full platinum guide for Cyberpunk 2077

  4. Already platinumed it, but from what I can see a great guide

  5. !ATTENTION! – If using PC method, you can open multiple clients by going into the file location where it's installed and launch the .exe multiple times.
    Quit being sus and slap the shit out of the like button. Want a great VPN you can rely on? Check out using my link will also net you another 3 months free!

    Timestamps will be added shortly. Thank you for your time clan <3

  6. Bro why you being so sus? This is great. My son is a big fan of this game and he will love to help me boost it

  7. Holy moly. 7 clients in one video? PHEW! Gotsta love boosting trophies. Hits different.

  8. quick question, how were u able to have multiple clients open. like did u use a program or something coz im trying to plat this too

  9. The freeplay glitch doesn't seem to work anymore (07/01/22)

  10. On your subnautica platinum guide my game keeps crashing and I lose all progress how do I save

  11. I have all other trophy’s apart from circumventer I did it right and it don’t show up any tips?

  12. I can’t get the cheese to work for 500 tasks can someone confirm if it still works

  13. "Bro, Why You Being So Sus?!"

    Got the platinum less than a day (Took me 20-21 hours when I was taking a break and do other stuff.) I did not enjoy the game. I did played with friends on that game and I just cannot get into it. I'm very glad to get it done and get this game off my console.

  14. Bro why are you beeing so sus? 🤫🤔 oh and what did you think about the last of us remake of part 1?

  15. Has this been patched yet?
    I hope not
    I just bought the game

  16. hey mate, love your content. Was wondering how you get the "clients"?

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