Among Us: The Airship | Full Guide of All New Hats, Rooms and More!

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This is a complete guide of the new Airship map, which includes:
Introduction: 0:00
– New Hats 0:30
– Utilities (Cams, Admin, Vitals etc.) 0:07
– New Rooms 01:47
– New Tasks 03:10
– Easter Eggs 02:58
– And Gameplay 09:54

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  1. It was so funny when you caught someone kill on the cams lol

  2. Thanks this guide helped me a lot ❤️❤️❤️

  3. hey!! its me ko if you remember. this video is actually really good!!

  4. Hey bro I'm new here showing some support and also learning if it's okay with you bro .

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