The Game Guide | Ep. 5 | Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Injustice: Gods Among Us rolled through a few months back, but how does it fair and is it worth keeping? Bayon tests it out and let’s you know in this episode of the Game Guide!

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Audio used:

Beartheshadows – “Incorruptable – Everlasting”

T-free – “~|| Cry out your sadness”

T-free – “~|| the bottom of my heart”

Caine1989 – “AATW [C89]”

Caine1989 – “Cinnamon Princess”

Caine1989 = “Invincibility [C89]”

John Leprechaun – “[JL] Unreal Superhero”


  1. Tell the game developers, brother! They may put it in.

  2. I really feel that they missed out on this game by not having the Legion of Superpets. The people want Beppo!!!

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