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YOU join us as a crewmate and decide who to vote off! Can you find the impostor? 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Come back to this video to play multiple times and find the 6 possible endings! We were inspired by Markiplier’s Choose Your Own Adventure.

Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat!

If you like The Norris Nuts, Dixie D’Amelio, or the Txunamy, you’ll love our channel. We do funny pranks, challenges, and skits!

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  1. Every time I watch one of their among us I always expect him saying reds sus so it's because a habit to say it with him. Also when he was like who do you choose good or evil light or darkness was really funny.

  2. there should be a part tow were us and Shiloh are imposters

  3. I think me and Elijah should switch I like dark blue so next time y’all make an among us video, can you make Elijah cyan please

  4. you guys should do another one but with us as an imposter

  5. Tip: Do not follow Jessica because when you follow Jessica by going downstairs you’ll eventually get killed by the imposter

  6. Judah, Shiloh, Micah, Jocelyn, Elijah and Mary are my favorite characters.

  7. This was so much fun can u make another one of this? But this time am the imposter? That will also sound fun!

  8. i voted out daniel and i really love this vid hope you kan do more you chose but next time make us korol and maybe an imp

  9. I also really can't believe I was right I didn't ignore the broken vase (sorry if I ruined it🥲) and we won!!

  10. I have a question what hat are we wearing also I love your content keep up the good work!❤

  11. Can you please do more of these they’re really good I’m the one who won. Please do more of these are very fun.

  12. Ending 1: Sus Ending
    Ending 2: Killed Ending
    Ending 3: Reactor Meltdown Ending
    Ending 4: Crime Ending
    Ending 5: BAD ENDING
    Ending 6: Good Ending.

  13. Plz make one more videos like this plz 🙏🙏🙏

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