BANE Beginner’s Guide – Injustice: Gods Among Us – All You Need To Know!

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A quick Beginner’s Guide that tells you all you need to know and doesn’t waste your time! Bane is capable of doing massive damage, but demands a responsible play style. This tutorial will cover every special move, their meter burns, the most useful attack strings, and some basic Bread & Butter combos (mid-screen and corner)!


Xbox 360
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back


  1. "What would really be useful, to me anyways, would be a an explanation of how you chain combos so quickly. With any characters." Someone said that on Injustice's Facebook and I agree, Also, just… how you can find combos like these so soon after it's been out lol.

  2. could you do aqua man i don't think he gets as much credit as he desires

  3. Aquaman is one of the best characters in the game IMO. I'll do a Beginner's Guide for him soon 😉

  4. I make most of these combos up through experimentation lol. I occasionally look for inspiration YouTube if I don't know where to start.

  5. I've already done Shazam 😉 Check him out! As for Superman, he's coming soon 🙂

  6. DeathStroke Beginner's Guide is finally up! Enjoy 😉

  7. About half an hour lol. Not much time at all actually.

  8. He's actually fairly fast. His forward and backward dash go almost twice as far as most characters. He's only slow once his venom is drained.

  9. lol I always say to myself "self, don't stack all the venoms. It'll fuck you over if it doesn't work". But then deep inside I'm like"but if I hit him, he'll be destroyed!" and I end up stacking them all anyways.. I'm not a very smart Bane lol. Good video!

  10. wha does damage scaling mean? I've never heard the term in a fighting game.

  11. It means that moves do less damage as the combo goes on. For example, if a super does 33% damage by itself, it can end up doing only 10% at the end of a long combo. Meaning that it's a waste of meter.

  12. honestly the most efficient level for venom is 1. It gives him armor on special moves and recharges very quickly, and lasts the longest. Armored Command Grabs on Wakeup = SCARY

  13. Yeah, I completely agree. The withdrawal from level 1 venom is also pretty minor, especially compared to the higher levels. I only build up venom if I'm way behind or extremely close to victory.

  14. Level 3 venom gives you three hits of armor. That should work against most spammers, but remember the debuff that occurs afterwords.

  15. Thx for the tip. Do you think Bane is a good character for beginners?

  16. His combos are fairly easy and I see a lot of people use him because of that. However, he does demand a responsible play-style. I'd say go for it 😉

  17. After this last patch i take back everything i've said.

  18. I love these videos and think they are great, but I can just never seem to do them right, and always end up losing by a considerable margin online. And when I do win, it's because of my fighting-game experience rather than skill with the character. The Bane and Catwoman videos have really been helpful since those are 2nd and 3rd best, but I just can't seem to win as much as I'd like to.

  19. It's probably a matter of defense and footsies. Knowing combos isn't enough to win a match and no matter how much you practice a character you will always lose without a good defense. Just keep on playing and don't get discouraged 😉

  20. It's decent now, isn't it? Is it unlimited armour on 3 stacks, and the debuff/cooldown is only 6 seconds now instead of 9.

  21. I don't think that the armor is unlimited, but his debuff cooldown is much shorter now.

  22. Only his cooldowns were decreased. His armor has remained the same and his backwards throw was normalized and his forward dash is faster.

  23. Something that I'd like to add to this video because I only just figured it out by accident and it could turn out useful for someone…
    If you Meter Burn Bane's Body Press (his command grab) so that it does a backbreaker, you can hold the opposite direction to have Bane throw his opponent behind him instead of infront of him.
    This could be useful if you're being pressured in a corner, you venom up for the armour, command grab and throw them in the corner.

  24. I think Bane is pretty hard to play on certain chars, especially online. Cause of his lack of zoning he has a big disadvantage … currently I do not know how to overcome that :/
    anyway this video was really helpful and I really like playing Bane.

  25. You need to use his Venom. Each level gives him one more hit of armor. If you have level 3 Venom, then even Sinestro can't keep you out if you use his tackle. Don't forget that Bane has one of the best dashes in the game and it even got buffed in the recent patch. The key is keeping your opponent trapped with mix-ups. That way, they can't escape.

  26. I thought it would be the key with the venom …
    the thing is, I'm good in messing this up xD
    cause of the disadvantages after the venom (speed und health down) I always throw my venom out for kinda nothing, get hit to the ground or stuck, droping combos stuff … and then bash! punish to death ^^ …
    damn Bane is kinda hard.
    Well, the whole game is in a way 😛

    anyway thanks for the advices 🙂 … greetz

  27. I just got my first ever hate mail from playing a PS3 game online while playing Bane. I dethroned a king and beat 3 guys in a row and got the mail saying I should learn another character. I don't know whether to take it as a complement or not lol :S

  28. If you're dominating with Bane then you're bound to get haters lol. I always step down after a few wins so that other players get to have some fun lol. It's a compliment. Take the win 😉

  29. I honestly don't think he's low tier. I dominate with bane. Destroying all top tier.

  30. Or just save your meter, dose yourself on all 3 levels of Venom, use your super move, watch it do 54% damage, and smile. 😉

  31. Just a note: when on level 3 venom bane ignores armor and breaks through it like superman does. Tried it against doomsday. That charge can be pretty scary now.

  32. I only just found this out, but it's kind of funny the amount of supers I've interrupted because of 3 venom and a special. It seems like it's a really bad idea for Solomon Grundy to ever super against Bane.

  33. Unless Bane is without Venom and/or Grundy is looking to circumvent Bane's Wager in order to end the match.

  34. can anyone help me get knightfall bane? pls msg me @ Gt ThexRedxHoodx43

  35. Do the quarter circle back motion (down then back). Then, lift up your thumb and press forward+3 (A or X). That should work. The problem is that most people try to slide their thumb from back to forward and that tends to not work. Hope this helped 😉

  36. If your opponent is in the corner you can go 1,1,3 1,1,3 into super and it does 69% damage (with x3 venom)

  37. Also remember theta when you use all 3 venom tanks, your F2 gets armor as well. Since it can be dash canceled, it helps to get around spam such as Supermans eye laser BS.

  38. i will giv you a cheleng can eny one beat my damage score that is 64 percent with bane

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