How to Install Among Us: Sheriff Mod | 2021 Full Guide

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Seen popular streamers and YouTubers play the Among Us Sheriff Mod? Well, you and your friends can as well, and it’s super simple. AFAIK you don’t even need your own private server, and it works well with Crewlink! If you’d like to learn about those, you’ll find links below as well!

Sheriff Mod:
Sheriff Mod on CurseForge:

Other Among Us Videos:
– Among Us Private Server:
– Crewlink (proximity chat) setup:
– Crewlink private server:

0:00 – Explanation
0:29 – What is the Sheriff Mod? Is it ban safe?
1:15 – Downloading Among Us: Sheriff Mod
2:14 – Installing Among Us: Sheriff Mod
3:26 – Playing Among Us: Sheriff Mod
4:15 – Configuring a private server
4:35 – Testing with a friend

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.


  1. modding is a fucken hoax he hacked the it before he started the video

  2. He knows I love and I want to be YouTube and Morty my name isgage

  3. Idk why but your voice reminded me of the youtuber corpse so i subbed cuz why not

  4. @TroubleChute I downloaded the sheriff mod and whenever someone other than me got sheriff they didn't have the kill button
    . Did I do something wrong?

  5. You're underrated, keep up the work dude. Just saved a entire event from going downhill! 🙂 new sub and well, I'll share this video with any friends that need it!

  6. Can u try and figure out how to do it in iOS pls. Otherwise great vid!

  7. sorry but it dosen't work. My among us version is 2020.17. this video is 2020.129

  8. Thanks you are very helpful IM SUBSCRIBING YOU DESERVE IT

  9. So I awnt this mod on my Impostor Prvate Server, but I dont know how to work it out… I saw the part of the tutorial, but I dont understand what should i put where… Can anyone help me please?

  10. I didn't download among us on steam, so I don't know what to do

  11. 2:36 The steam version costs and i have among us by mediafire. Is there a way to install that mod through that medium?

  12. hello can you make a tutorial of how to get both jester and sheriff working at the same time?

  13. ive tried step by step and it wont work 🙁 just opens normal game

  14. I'm experiencing some lag when playing this mod. Do you know any fixes for the lag?

  15. Okay so I even uninstalled to see if something went wrong with my steam download, I only have the application available to view, is there some special way I have to input these mods in a different way?

  16. You should make a video on how to get Minecraft mods

  17. re the app. how do we get over mods because i want to play with over mods because over mods are very fun zac age 9

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