BATGIRL Beginner’s Guide – Injustice: Gods Among Us – All You Need To Know!

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A quick Beginner’s Guide that tells you all you need to know and doesn’t waste your time! Batgirl is an incredible rush-down character with amazing mix-ups. This tutorial will cover every special move, their meter burns, the most useful attack strings, and some basic Bread & Butter combos (mid-screen and corner)!


Xbox 360
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back


  1. Great and helpful series.
    Ever thought of tagging moves used in combos in game?

  2. You should display the buttons, like what to press as you do the combo.

  3. Glad that there will be advanced guides! Wondering when you think you'll get to Green Arrow. Great Vids! Helping my friends get into Injustice with these!

  4. It means that you can't be punished for it. In other words, you can attack your opponent and block before they have time to hit you. That's why it is "safe" 😉

  5. If I had a dollar for every time somebody used the meter-burn smoke-bomb…


  7. I can't believe that people are already masters of Batgirl. I kinda hate fighting games sometimes. You're either absolutely terrible or you're one of the people that can make these videos the day the character is released. I don't mean disrespect, I just… am entirely oblivious as to how people get good so fast on a brand new character. A little oblivious to how people get so good at all, because I suck. Sigh. I'll stfu now.

  8. Haha, I didn't start playing fighting games until MK9 and understand where you're coming from completely. I must have played the story mode over 10 times until every character's combos became second nature to me. Not to mention that I've played every fighting game like crazy since then. I used to think that professional players at tournaments were way out of my league, but then I found myself learning from them and being able to pull off their combos. Just play until you get it 😉

  9. I'm glad you understand. I just need to find time to play more lol. Your videos will be a big help too!

  10. Green Arrow Beginner's Guide is finally up! Check it out 😉

  11. Green Arrow Beginner's Guide is up! Check it out 😉

  12. That is to say, I can do b+2, u+3, d+2, but after that, hcf + 1 takes too long.

  13. Can't go from b2+up3 to uppercut to bola. Every time flying bat comes out

  14. Can't go from b2+up3 to uppercut to bola. Every time flying bat comes out. Help! This is like the best way to start her higher damaging combos and I keep screwing it up.

  15. My only advice is to do it immediately after the uppercut. Make sure to turn off the button release in the controller options too. Practice makes perfect but it is somewhat difficult to get the timing perfect.

  16. Nvm just looked it up. Learn something new everyday. That's why I could get it bc the inputs are so similar. Thank God u told me about button release!

  17. How do you get your videos to show so clear? I want to start making match and combo videos. Just wondering.

  18. I don't consider my video quality that great. I recommend a HaugePauge HD PVR. I use AverMedia but it's slightly inferior and cheaper.

  19. i agree its too hard to start playing fighting games XD your either really good or your shit its how it goes like you said XD and the bad part about it too is tat the people who are shit (like me) feel bad about being shit and think of how people are so good and feel ashamed and i just quit XD

  20. No reason to feel that way at all. Everyone started off bad. Even the professional players didn't get there overnight. Keep practicing. True character is revealed in defeat, not victory 😉

  21. *so iv been practicing my batgirl B2+U3 – Uppercut – Bab's Bola, and i still cannot get it down, is it patched? iv been going at it for 5 days and i cant get it down :/ button release is off

  22. I was having the same issues as you, but just got it down. You just have to do the bola input super fast following the d2. If you're not using a fight stick that's probably what is holding you back. much easier to input the fast links.

  23. You could just hold down the meter burn button immediately after the attack or mash it out. The specific timing is just after she grabs the opponent.

  24. They're practically opposites lol. Batgirl is better at getting in close than Batman because of her Smoke Bomb. Batman has more mix-ups and is a lot easier to use and does more damage in his combos. Batgirl does less damage, but can punish nearly everything.

  25. I feel your pain man. When doing Injustice online, I'm lucky if I get a person's first health bar down. I usually either get completely destroyed or face someone far worse than me and can beat them

  26. What does it mean to punish? And you got a new sub 🙂

  27. A punish is when you get a full combo off of your opponent when they mess up. So, if you block an attack, or if you duck under one, or even if they miss completely, then you punish them for it 😉

  28. Wish people would show the button display instead of saying the numbers. Not everyone knows what those numbers represent.

  29. I know, that's why I have the translations in the description. If I showed the buttons, it would only inform Xbox players. The numbers are universal for every console and it's the standard.

  30. Ahhh ok. I see now. Was watching the video on my phone so I didn't even think of looking into the description box. My bad.

  31. It's ok 😉
    I'm just glad to help out. That's what these videos are for. To teach people 🙂

  32. I can get a 40% combo with batgirl just using one meter lol

  33. She can actually do 53% damage in the corner with just one bar as well, but I didn't discover it until after making the guide 🙁

  34. i know you posted this a month ago but i just bought batgirl 2 days ago and i could do some high damaging combos the first 30 minutes of training with her i don't know but i think if you have some experience of general fighting games you'll do good at some like umvc3 is way harder compared to injustice so me learning that before hand probably made me good at injustice

  35. 1=light
    that's basic fighting game terminology.

  36. I love how you used Joker in his "tourist" costume like when he shot her lol.

  37. When you said "With no high dmging combos" I regretted buying this piece of dog shit

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