Contrast – To the Heroes Among Us Trophy / Achievement Guide

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To The Heroes Among Us – Unlocked when the player finds the hidden Extra Life 2012 Logo. [Bronze]

Act I, Chapter “Of All the Gin Joints…”
This can be done very early in the game, when you are supposed to go to the “Ghost Note” Club. When reaching the club, you will see a loading screen and short cutscene. Before going in, head left and look for a glowing record-player on the street. Once you walk over the record-player, you will see some shadows on the wall. Use the shadows to climb up the building and you’ll find the hidden Extra Life 2012 Logo. You need to activate the power to make the logo show up.


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  1. Pretty cool trophy pop up for ps4. Haven't seen that before.

  2. Thanks man!  Ive used a lot of your videos to get trophies.  

  3. Thank you! This was the last trophy I needed, thanks.

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