Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition [PS4] – Perfect Aim – Trophy / Achievement Guide

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. PS4 Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Perfect Aim Trophy. Win a match as Deathstroke without missing a shot (minimum 12 shots). .

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  1. Love ur vids cool strats, i want my ps4 to come but there sold out, i have the money but they sold out man, yo dude how muck does this game cost in ps4?

  2. can you please do a guide for metahuman and feel the burn. im confused on what it means by special move and meter burn 

  3. Looking for someone to helps it's getting trophies on ps4 add me…. Bluecov33

  4. how the hell do you assign a second controller on ps4. with my p1 controller i select deathstroke but when i try and turn on my second contorller to choose the second player it just assigns it to p1

  5. If I have a save data from the ps3 version, is there any way to transfer said save file to the ps4 counterpart? Or will I have to start a new game and unlock everything again? Does anybody know?

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