Injustice Gods Among Us: Nightwing Beginners Guide

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This video is to give you the basics and fundamentals of nightwing, this isn’t a combo tutorial, but instead just a video to help you learn the basics of the character. In this video you will find, my opinions on match-ups for nightwing, How to play and things of that nature. I hope this video helps some of you out a little when it comes to learning nightwing. If it did please help get this video to 100 likes, and thank you all for watching!

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  1. i dont know what happened between u and jaeroar but could u please play each other, like a grudge match

  2. i havent gotten injustice but can you play 2v2 like tag? like you could in mortal kombat

  3. would you recommend using the analog stick or d pad on ps3

  4. dinozords i have been watchin your videos for quite some time now and i must say damn good job. I'd like to propose a challenge in this game first to 5 on the ps3 maybe it's something that you can live stream through twitch tv my psn name is rorshach- let me know if this is something you are intrerested in

  5. Plus you can use Groundblast in a combo. Find the combo wich send the opponent bouncing forgot it and then meter burn groundblast to be able to follow up

  6. I'd like to say that his staff isn't better but is very helpful. When I find myself against someone like Aquaman, or Bane, or someone that has a lot more natural range, then the staff is very helpful. It helps me match their range and pull off 34% + damage combos. So the staff is for closing the gap, the sticks are for really reigning down and your opponent.

  7. you can hit the back button or select to reset the level field.

  8. That's true, groundblast MB for his staff is used to start most combos. I have a Beginner's Guide too, if you're interested. It covers all special moves and their meter burns, the best attack strings, and the basic bread and butter combos that deal awesome damage. This guide is very intimated and he learns with you, but mine is faster paced and teaches you a bit more about play style not match-ups. Just a personal preference.

  9. I believe they are modified batarangs which travel faster but the dont have any curves so it is harder to pin thugs to walls because it will just rip their clothes and they can escape (I think this was show in Batman the Animated Series). Either that or he just wanted them to look unique.

  10. Sorry not Batman the Animated Series it was in the New Batman Adventures that it was shown that his wing dings arent as good at pinning thugs to walls as the btarangs are.

  11. as a Nightwing subscriber I've never seen Dick use a staff. Ever since Tim Drake started using one they've been throwing that out as "Robin" weapon. Red Robin in Injustice with a pre new 52 skin would be tops but I'm sure everyone is upset over too many bat characters.

  12. How is the Groundspark thing, when you are across the screen?

  13. ALL of nightwings best tools are in staff stance, he may be slow but he is one of the best zoners in the game in that stance. his groundspark IS the best projectile in the game. flying grayson is a great AA and good for getting in too after ex groundspark.

    his pokes and mixup up close are some of the best in the game, D1 in particular is ridiculously good. he also has access to his best wakup attack "staff spin" which i have gone through projectiles with on wakeup.

    staff stance>escrima

  14. You just invalidated your entire tutorial with that statement, imo. Both stances have their place and both are insanely good. Good day, sir.

  15. The staff actually doesn't suck you have to know when to use it. And ground blast is a decent zoning tool, has faster startup and recovery than the escrima version, and it tracks Meter burn version pops up allowing you to dash in. And a jumping attack which forces the opponent to block the other way is a CROSSUP.A Mix-up is switching up your attacks between high, med, overhead and low…(for example..use a few lows to get them blocking that way then overhead them..throw in a low again)

  16. it really doesnt it is great for corner pressure, do you look at nightwings tym threads?

  17. cyborg is the best zoner by far with his iafb and his block infinite

  18. actually no it doesnt learn your character better bud

  19. This tutorial must account for all the shitty Nightwings online

  20. i saw dinozords made this tutorial and I already knew it was gonna be the worst one on youtube.

  21. Thats not true his best zoning tools is ground sparks down back Y your shouldn't play nightwing

  22. this is the worst tutorial ever,as a player of nightwing you just blew it sky high

  23. The staff is extremely underestimated by most people, and this video just proves that. The staff is just as good as the escrima, as long as you know when and how to use it. If you can start a combo off with escrima, and do switch to the staff midway, it could do at least half of the damage in the combo… if you know how to use it. Its also good for fullscreening. Doing a meterburn ground blast into a flying grayson is a good example of that. Anyways… yea, shitty tutorial

  24. i fucking hate this on online they are spamming those damn skills

  25. thanks for the vid!  just picked this up and im having a blast

  26. can you make and injustice gods among us tier list for the wii u. including the DLC characters. thanks

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