Injustice: Gods Among Us – Tourist Trophy / Achievement Guide

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Send an opponent through all three Metropolis transitions in one fight [Silver / 30G]

This can only be done in the Metropolis arena. The trophy / achievement can be unlocked in Practice Mode. Your opponent won’t move and time doesn’t run out. Dash towards the enemy to push him to the other side of the arena. Once you reach the end, press ← + X (PS3) / ← + A (X360) to send the enemy through the transition. There are three transitions in this arena and you have to send the opponent through all of them.
The trophy / achievement will pop during the match.


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  1. For those people who cant get the right punch – press on ps3 or ps4 fast RIGHT LEFT + X. And opposite if Youre character is standing on other side of the screen.

  2. is anyone else finding the last transition any hard i am hitting back and a and for some reason i cant hit the final one but i can hit the other 2 wtf help plz

  3. Is this in training mode too or do u have to be in a single player mode

  4. I need help people. My psn is icycool007. I need to complete all three transitions of this stage online and win. I can win but can not complete all three transitions. If i do that in a private match online, I can open batman beyond gold booster character in ios version. pls Help me

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