GREEN LANTERN Beginner’s Guide – Injustice: Gods Among Us – All You Need To Know!

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A quick Beginner’s Guide that tells you all you need to know and doesn’t waste your time! Green Lantern is a perfect blend of zoning and rush-down making him a very versatile character. This tutorial will cover every special move, their meter burns, the most useful attack strings, and some basic Bread & Butter combos (mid-screen and corner)!


Xbox 360
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back


  1. I thought Sinestro was an easier character that he wasn't going to do?

  2. Sinestro is pretty straight forward. He doesn't have many combos and they're pretty easy. A few minutes in practice and you should have him down 😉

  3. after green arrow, after i see his combos — UNSTOPABLE i shall become

  4. He's on the way. I have about 5 more guides to do lol.

  5. Harley Quinn Beginner's Guide is up! Please Enjoy 😉

  6. I don't really plan on doing Sinestro, but anything is possible.

  7. yeah lol, he can combo off of anything. If he touches someone, 30% damage combo no matter what.

  8. Green Lantern is more frustrating to go against than Deathstroke…

  9. I plan on doing a Beginner's Guide for the entire game soon 😉
    Does that sound good?

  10. can you do a top 5 or 10 of your favorite fighters in injustice sometime in the future?

  11. I used to suck at this game… then I took an UnderDawg video to the face…

  12. Def subbed. Is there any tips on how to connect parallel nature into lantern's might? aka back med, heavy to down back light?

  13. It should work just as you described it. Lantern's might has great reach and works after nearly ever attack string. Thanks for subbing 😉

  14. I actually have a 51% combo with GL that uses only 2 bars of meter… Here it is: jump in 2, back 23, oas rocket MB (back forward 1), neutral jump 2 , 123 , lanterns might MB ( down back 1) , back 3, back 13 lanterns might

  15. The Advanced Guide is up! Make sure to check it out!

  16. Do you have annotations turned on? Those are universal terms that apply for all consoles. It's just a matter of translating them. Which isn't that hard at all. Here, I'll help out.
    1 – X, square
    2 – Y, triangle
    3 – A, X
    4 – B, circle

  17. I'm looking forward to trying green lantern. My main is raven and I can't really find another character other than green lantern. Thanks for the guides btw. They hale a lot

  18. +Slade Wilson 
    They are, but you have to enable annotations.

  19. if you want to do lanterns might mid combo do you cancel or somthing . or just do lanterns might really fast afters the combn ?

  20. Removing green lantern, batman and superman from this game would make it twice better even with deathstroke zoning spam, doomsday nearly undodgeable 'sheeva jump' and joker's unblockable on enemy wakeup. Wish Netherrealms did read and understand such things that there must be no "strong" and "weak" characters in fighting games, and long matchup test with help of community is indispensable before releasing fighting games. I play from Russia and as I see so far, top 100 players in my region are: 1). green lanterns, 2). batmen, 3). supermen

  21. So frustrating how you don't put the fucking combos on screen! how can you be a guide without that?!

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