Demons Among Us – WoW Legion Quest Guide

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Legion Quest “Demons Among Us” zone Durotar.
#WorldofWarcraft #BattleforAzeroth #QuestGuide by #miBvane.
A simple gameplay guide of how to complete or unlock specific quests in WoW BFA and other game content, after you get to max 120 level.

Title: World of Warcraft
Expansion: Battle for Azeroth
Patch: 8.1.5
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

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Quest – Demons Among Us
Zone – #Durotar
Faction – #Horde
Race – #Mag’har Orc
Class – #Warrior
Spec – #Fury
Realm – #Draenor

“Quest description:
Protect Stormwind Keep from the Legion.
Learn what Jace Darkweaver knows about demons
Kill infiltrators (5)
Destroy the Courtyard Legion Portal
Destroy the Petitioner’s Chamber Legion Portal

The king is wise to focus on the Legion’s threat, …. Even now, the demons move against us.
The Illidari will aid the cause of the Alliance. We believe they have set their sights on key locations around Azeroth. In fact, they could already be in your midst!
I sense they are close…” (#wowhead)

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