How to Change Age in Among Us | PC + Steam Guide

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Picked the wrong date of birth in Among Us, and now you can’t talk in ingame chat? Well, this video shows you all you need to do to get the popup again so you can change your age and start talking ingame.

0:00 – Explanation
0:25 – Change age in Among Us PC (Steam included)
1:08 – Entering new age in Among Us PC (Steam included)

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  1. WTFI put my year correctly but the shit game doesnt allow me to sign in. I PRESS SIN IN AND IT JUST DOESNT LET ME DO ANYTHING!

  2. Unfortunately it doesnt work this way anymore. Innersloth and steam use the last savegame stored on their server.

  3. it sill says that im 7/6 yo even if i made it to be 2006

  4. bruh i want to change my email cuz the old email got deleted but i cant connect to a new onethis game is ruined and i cant refund itfml

  5. Bruh, I'm 24, but the bloody game wouldn't let me scroll down while selecting my age so I was stuck as 6-7 years old.

  6. I still have to do some sort of parental stuff even though i litterly did 1999

  7. This is ridiculous. Among us refused to let me age past the year "born 2015" and now Im stuck marked as a child, when Im nearly 30 years old. It refused to let me enter anything but being born between 2021-2015.

  8. The run is not working when i press enter nope just

    open this with what app?

  9. Thank you so much now my friends and I can talk freely.

  10. you are the best you just made among us ten times nicer

  11. It looks like they now reset it to the originally entered age as soon as you launch among us through steam. Only solution I've found until now is to create another steam account, give it permission via family sharing, do the steps in the video and launch it from the other account.

  12. I deleted all the stuff but it still said your guardian needs to approve or something like dat??

  13. i set the date to 1998. i still need a guardian permission. Who created this crap. (I mean the game)

  14. I just tried this, and while it let me re-register my actual birthday, it still says I need a guardian's permission to disable quick chat and give myself a custom nickname. Is there another way to get around this issue? Has anyone figured it out?

  15. I still can't text on mobile…. With an account.. why.. I put my age over 18.

  16. wait im confused they deleted the ability to talk in chat for kids or just people underage?
    like oketoxicity is a thing but like the main point of the game is to talk your way out of truble so like why remove it i get you can now say these instandly made messages but those arent good like what if i want to say something else like i pretend to be afk kill the afk dude and go back to being fake afk how do i explain that when i have no chat?

  17. I deleted all the files, once I click on sign in – says to wait for guardian to give permission to use free chat (prev entered age 4 by accident) the email wants a payment card or SSN to verify its an adult

  18. i went into files and changes age on steam version u do not have to delete the files

  19. _𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪_ says:


  20. I deleted all my files and it still says I'm a young age and I gotta pay to give my "child" names

  21. Yeah accidentally set my age as 3 years old fucking kill me

  22. Tysm! I stopped playing Among Us becaus I couldn't chat, but now I can!

  23. Thanks! My little brother opened the game right after the update and put in his age. This was really helpful and straight to the point!

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