How To Complete “The Spy Party / The Spy Among Us” Quest Guide | Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (FAST)

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Game Version: 1.0.5
– Ask around the peasants and civilians to get clues (don’t worry about the ones that say he might escape because he wont).
– Once you get 3 clues (beard, hair and no scars) here’s when it gets confusing, one of the clues are false…
– There are 4 contenders in the city (at locations such as clearings, waterfront, back alleys, etc.) they are usually hanging about with thugs – ONE of them is the spy – so there are two ways you can do this.
– SAVE the game and kill each one, if it’s the wrong one then load the save and do this till you kill the right one (this is what I done)


  1. Oh shit! I've been killing them. Was I supposed to knock them out? 😆

  2. I've killed all three guys and none of them were the spy. What do I do?

  3. How do you see where the waterfront etc. is? Edit: It’s L-alt

  4. it was annoying. I found the same person, but ended up being the wrong. So, I'll try and try again :)Thanks a bunch~

  5. Man that leaving the town tip really helped me, waited in the town, killed thugs and no spawning.
    Just reload the save, pop into town and there he was 😀

    Thanks for the video man

  6. Hands down, best guide for this quest.
    Quick, concise and easy to follow.
    Subscribed! Post more content 🙂

  7. Stupid and buggy quest ever. Saying target is not bald. He have no mark also he have beard. This is means spy have hair beard and no paint on face. But there is no men in like that in town around Bandits.

  8. Great guide. Everything you have to know in 2 mins. Not 10mins babbeling/advertising and 2 mins Guide.

  9. What a beautiful guide this is, just 2 minutes, thanks for keeping it short mate!

  10. Sadly having no luck :C
    whenever I do the trick it only spawns 3 same contenders, and I have already killed all of them with criminal charges XC

  11. Just got this game, Thanks for going straight to the point and not dragging it out. 🙂

  12. I just did the Quest and picked only contender with Beard, Not Bald and No Scars. This was only contender I could find with Beard and head of Hair challenged him to duel and Won duel. But when I finished it said I had a crime stat and I failed mission. This is in the newest 4.3 Beta Patch.

  13. All I get for talking to town people is I need to see someone
    No thank you good day

  14. Considering the difficulty of this quest. 500 gold is abit tad cheap no?

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