Injustice: Gods Among Us – Quick Combo Guide: Catwoman

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Music: Bayonetta – Main Theme


  1. Probably one of the weakest traits. The dodge does help you out lame zoners though. 🙂

  2. I was expecting Morrigan's MvC theme, but Bayonetta seems to fit very well.

  3. Friggin' awesome shit man. Soundtrack worked well too.

  4. Great stuff. I'll be adding these variations to my arsenal. Now all I need to do is figure out the Green Lantern matchup and I'll be golden.

  5. Catwoman may not be top tier, but dat ass always wins.

  6. I'm trying that back 2 into back 3, but she only pushes and i dont get the wall bounce. Can anyone help me out? What am i doing wrong?

  7. Sick video man! I had a 40% meterless with her which I will now change because I was using a jump in to start it (which, by the way, you not doing that was the best part of this video). Thanks for the upload!

  8. Her and Harley Quinn in her Insurgency outfit are goddamned distracting… Which makes me feel like an idiot to say, but what the hell.

  9. A buddy plays Catwoman very setup and mixup heavy and all combo videos I´ve seen until now were crap compared to his stuff. This is the first Video that has it all and does not disappoint me, very nice one Dreamking!

  10. What is the jump move, that put him in a float state in the middle of each combo ?
    I see that you purposely whiff the end of the move so it leads to a float state, that's great 😉

  11. you just have to be patient and don't jump on him,always block low,waiting for the overhead cause he only has one and pretty readable,and punish his lift with >1,1,2 into full combo o and jump 2 has more reach than lift at the correct distance so abuse of it,i would say it's a 5-5 match up.

  12. Hey i seen all your combos from marvel to Dc your legit nice 🙂 you have a ps3? it'd be cool for a real gamer like me to fight someone with your talent in a real fight or just sparring rounds PSN:Loone25

  13. What is the name of the song in the introduction to every one of your injustice videos?

  14. Sounds like stage selection from Megaman, I think… It’s definitely from Megaman…

  15. you have been the biggest help thus far I thank you for that

  16. Catwoman does a lot of damage! And is this song from Bayonetta?

  17. Just one question, for what are these 20+combost if they do lower dmg than 11combos?

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