Injustice: Gods Among Us – Bane Guide by KingBlackToof

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Made with DLC Patch Update that came with General Zod.
I didn’t bother with UI in this guide because he’s not very button/combo intensive guy.
Over an hour long guide for Bane in Injustice Gods Among Us.

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  1. Bane was my first favourite but I didn't get him at first but now I trust in the venom.

  2. Really cool tutorial. I see why you use the luchador costume because the meter icon looks like your icon

  3. Damn ipad i was going to say i would kill for the dudley guide

  4. Doomsday is totally fine. Even a short guide would be very much appreciated.

  5. I haven't seen many advanced Doomsday guides but I have seen some incredible mix-ups and high damage combos that a lot of people do not know about. I would like a Doomsday Guide.

  6. I will be your biggest fan if you do Joker. The dude is very strange, at first looks like he's a setup character with his Chattering Teeth but then I find out most setups with it are unsafe. He's just a very weird character to play and it would be great if you could do a guide for him when you get the chance! Good work on Bane! That was my original main before I made the switch lol

  7. First I like this video a lot, I wish I could of done one like it but I don't have the camera. Ok Mr. Toof , time to talk about the errors and extras. 1. The reason why forward 2 can be charged is because like you said said at venom 3 it has armor, BUT you can dash out of it. So in effect it is a forward or back 3 meter burn then dash, but free (for venom 3 only). 2. Jumping 2 can in fact crossup. 3. There definitely more moves in game that are randomly command non grabable(unfortunately).

  8. 4.Unfortunately the raging charge move does NOT hit overhead, I too was quite excited about the potential crossup mixups you can get off of certain knockdowns then canceling into charge but alas,NRS made it a mid. Mids can all be blocked by just holding neutral down instead back or forward for crossups like you would have to for jumps or real crossup overheads(like forward 3). It is also unsafe. 5 Double Punch should always be at the end of combos because you can get a free cmd grab afterwards.

  9. 5cont There are certain knockdowns that give you enough time to cmd grab so its grabbing right before they are getting up, the enemy can't jump or backdash and the only escape is a wakeup move. Double punch gives you this type(most of the time).6 The type of anti air grab you get IS consistent but you have to only use certain combos then you will always know where it will put them.7 Venom does have 3 armor hits at lvl 3, to test pick G. Lantern and do Gatling Gun. It hits 3x then knocks him out.

  10. Amazing job! Im a Bane player too. He got potential, but NRS need to do some tweaks and fixes. I would like to see some Joker tutorials like this.

  11. Great guide! I've been playing Bane for months and you have me some new insight.

  12. Really good to see the big guy getting some love. I've been with him since Launch and you've given me some insight I've missed. Thanks, bro.

  13. bane is cool but hes too weak compared to others. i used to play him then switched to doomsday who is kinda similiear but stronger.

  14. Thanks for taking the time to reply, YOU ARE AWESOME. Bane was my main for quite a while but I had to drop not because of playstyle but because he is so very inconsistent. Projectiles that don't count towards V3, cmd grab randomly doesn't work SO often, anti-air grab is trash, etc. I feel like if he just got fixed in lieu of buffed he could be great.

  15. Theres actually a lot of grab immune attacks in this game which will explain why the grab losers even with venom on sometimes.
    Bane has a strong semi-vortex setup and good option selects. People just dont know how to use him properly.

  16. yes but as bane you rely on your venom. also banes charge has slow start up so if enemy isnt performing a move he just blocks it. DD charge is fast, you can catch enemy backdashing or jumping away with it. Also most people online cant block DD groundslam so its fun to apply pressure on em. With bane you plan your moves, with DD you just rushdown em. DD is like only true rushdown char, everyone else is just shooting something.

  17. I turned Bane main because of this video. Thanks for putting in so much effort into these videos man. Keep up the good work. Also I really hope you make a Grundy guide!

  18. Could you do some Injustice matches against True? The SF ones were pretty good

  19. "Stage transitions you can't combo into them"…ya you can, mb cancel into b3 :p

  20. love your guide u opened my eyes and reinforced my bane thank you subscribed

  21. This is a really good guide, but I think the thing with back + 2s avoiding command grabs is actually supposed to be a thing. It's quite annoying for all the information that Netherrealm put into the character move lists, they failed to mention that basically all back 2s are immune to command grabs. Even Banes back 2 makes him immune. I don't really know or understand why these moves exist but I suppose its something put into to counter grabs.

  22. But having said that, you're still right about stuff like not being able to punish other characters supers with Banes super. It's complete BS.

  23. really good stuff. learn some crossup tech i knew nothing about. your guides are always very good and helpful. yup Makoto guide helped me out and now this Bane guide. keep up the great work.

  24. And that is why you should NEVER, EVER do Bane's Super outside of a combo. It seems all they have to do is press a button and poof goes your meter and you eat a full combo. Fucking weak.

  25. Doesn't level 3 venom blow through meter burns as well? I can't really test that right this second or I would do it myself.

  26. Yeah… I really ought to know that, lol. But I'm kind of on a Street Fighter kick right this second so I haven't played Injustice lately. And I'm going for the 100 wins per character, so I haven't hit up my mains in a while (Bane and Grundy).

    I linked this video on Eventhubs by the way because I have a Bane thread there, so hopefully people will come see this masterpiece.

    And lastly, your channel is fucking awesome man (I'm here from Tru3Talent), thanks for all the great content!

  27. I regards to his super usage, I don't think its "rubbish" at all, sure its unreliable when you use it raw, but who uses their super raw as bane to begin with when all you have to do is hold up? I use it after f2d everytime. at level 3 f2dxxsuper is 59% of unclashable damage off an armored overhead. I use his super all the time off f2d, but never raw

  28. Can anyone help me unlock Knightfall Bane? i dont have an iPhone and id really appreciate it my gt is ThexRedxHoodx43

  29. Some of the best guides ever to bad their isnt a nightwing 1

  30. You should upload this to the bain thread on test your might so more people can see it

  31. Fantastic guide, I'm gonna try my hand at Bane using this! Thanks. 🙂

  32. Can you please do an up to date guide??!?!?! He not shit tier anymore 😉

  33. Venom uppercut can hit even if blocked. If they block the initial hit, Meter burning it will cause Bane's legs to hit them on the way down, and knocks them a fraction of the way it normally would. It makes the move safe on block and 70% of people won't see it coming.

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