Injustice Gods Among Us Character Guide – Scorpion – Scorpion Combos

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for how to play as Scorpion in Injustice Gods Among Us

Scorpion Beginner Combos
Scorpion Intermediate Combos
How to Use Scorpion
Scorpion Guide
Scorpion Combos
Scorpion How To
How to Play Scorpion

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  1. you can't unlock him (except maybe with hacking, not recommended), you have to buy him off the injustice purchase center for dlc for about $5.

  2. scorpion isn't coming up on my injustice dlc options can someone help me? i dunno how to purchase him ? 🙁

  3. Man I'd love a chance to practice match with you to learn more

  4. Hes kinda weak, but i dunno who to go for, zod or scorpion

  5. I can't follow up the combo with a bloody spear i would do foward light light heavy the use the spear but it doesn't work, dod they patched it and is anubody else having the same problem?

  6. Ok so scorpion is a demon that would explain the fire theme

  7. me and bud are 22yo
    Play Mk9 on ps3 as Scorpion
    Friend got ps4 yesterday with Injustice bundle.
    Scorpion is in the game, he shruds,
    I choose Scorp,
    after his 45 consecutive losses, he looses it and starts cursing.
    I have to leave :3

  8. you should get the ultimate editkon includes a 6 dlc characters for free 1 lobo 2martian manhunter 3scorpion 4zatana then those other two I dont know

  9. Can anybody help explain what "meter" is. Using the grapple chain move and how to get the opponent to come back to you

  10. The intro for scorpion if you pause where it shows sub zero he looks really cool!!

  11. good job on the air shroud of flames only thing I learned thx

  12. what do you mean when you sais : "when meter is used" ???

  13. Great video I finally learned how to use his trait in mid combo thanks

  14. LOL I suck and combos and just spam my special with what I call special combos, so yeah if you know how to block well I am doomed

  15. Honestly i suck in online i cant do the big as combos but i like playing with others my score is 5 wins 4 loses but honestly im a noob on this game but i still have fun

  16. Dude no one knows wtf you're talking about when you say "Medium, Light, heavy" just use the buttons.

  17. wat does medium, light,heavy mean??? im a pc player that recently got a ps4…

  18. Hey Gamers!
    Anyone have season pass to Injustice?
    I want Mortal Kombat Scorpion and extra Characters/items

  19. I for some reason can never pull off these combos, whenever I tried doing them I never got past the first three hits and I can't pull off the enhanced spear after 'back-light, medium' I tried both the analog stick and the D-pad, pls help.

  20. What controller do you use for Xbox 360? I can't do this cause my shoes sucks

  21. He did everything besides teaching us how to be much quicker doing the spear and stuff like that -.-

  22. Thanks man! I just destroyed a 84 leveled opponent in online thanks to you. Lol.

  23. What move was that at 0:47? The one that looks like an air stomp.

  24. My best chracters in injustice 1 are general zod and deathstroke !!! But i don't know why i like scorpion 🦂

  25. What is light light medium medium heavy heavy bullshit just talk about buttons !!!

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