Injustice Gods Among Us Character Guide – Green Arrow – Green Arrow Combos

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  1. Just started playing with green arrow, sups it's my main, I think green arrow will be my secondary, I just gotta say green arrow is so much more fun to play with than superman…but green arrow does not inflict as much damage as sups.

  2. So can someone help, how do get in at an opponent with green arrow? Do most just use his heavy air hit cross up overhead to get in? Is there another way?

  3. I can do a 85% reset with green arrow but I can't pull it off online, I have no idea how how to get in on someone, they have good blockers online 🙁

  4. o you have to hit B just after you hit A, if you wait in tell after the combo is complete on your screen your too late, just think of it as XXAB instead of XXA and then B

  5. 85 huh, Green Arrow is not a high damaging character and the greatest Superman can do… I repeat Superman, is 79% (what I've seen and that's in the corner). To get in you should use attacks that are safe on block and if you don't I'd suggest ending your combos with the push-back arrow special. I suggest looking up TrueUnderDawgGamings tutorials on Green Arrow as he teaches you all this in his advanced guide and in his beginner he covers good to know stuff.

  6. you forgot to say that he can make his trait-arrows overhead while airborne

  7. I suck at this game. So much. but I LOVE Green Arrow. just in general.

  8. Lol me 2.. I really suck but only with green arrow for some reason

  9. My top 5
    #1 Green Arrow
    #2 Deathstroke
    #3 Nightwing
    #4 Wonderwoman
    #5 Batman

  10. I'm not the most skilled player, but when I use Green Arrow online, I usually do his slide or block to start off. (depending on the character) After that I after that, I try to get a trait on and start chaining combos. I'm a big fan of Dead On, Savage Blast, Thrill Seeker, and Queen's Gambit to get some space or off of me altogether. Queen's Gambit and Dead On are great ways to help start a combo chain and/or to get them out of block. Don't know how helpful this was, but hopefully it did.

  11. Oliver Queen is one of the most badass DC characters ever along with Batman.
    Long live non-superpowered basic human heroes with wits and skill.

  12. I like these vids. You need to make more for the rest of the characters like you did for mk

  13. Thank you for this Olley is my preferred character as he is underrated by first timers because of his hard to hit super outside a combo

  14. Can anyone tell me how to do the thrill seeker combo with green arrow? I keep pressing xxa but it doesn't come out right could anyone tell me how to do it right? Do I have to do it fast or slow? Is there a certain way I should do this?

  15. This vid was very helpful
    Please make a dwathstroke one

  16. Hey can you do a video for the flash and nightwing plz …if u can

  17. man i love this game, great graphics, amazing characters.

  18. I am having problems with special moves. I have no problem in street fighter with special moves, but in justice it just comes out when the game feels like it…

  19. whenever i knock him up i can't shoot the arrow and freeze him before he falls down i've tried a lot of times. do you have any help with this?

  20. I love this but it's called a quiver not clip. A clip is more for a gun.

  21. Hey there I love ur injustice character guides and was wondering if u could do an aquaman guide as well

  22. anyone have trouble getting oliver to shoot the ice or stun arrow after light, light, heavy? it works fine and always comes out in practice mode but whenever i try to do light, light, heavy, then the trait for the arrow in a real fight the arrow either never comes out or comes out late?

  23. hey Gamefront I have a great idea I just did it on the ps4 so what you do is after you do the light light heavy you use your super then after the super use the freeze arrow then do light light heavy again then hurricane bow

  24. You could do like 6% more damage on the super move combo if you start off with queen's gambit and use ice arrow to continue the combo instead of fire arrow

  25. Not that Alan Tudyk is a bad Green Arrow, but I would have gone with Cary Ewles. Speaking of which, someone tell me I'm not the only one that wants to see a Cary Ewles Green Arrow.

  26. "…most powerful arrow in Green Arrow's arsenal." Ha. Puns.

  27. I've been looking for a character to use in Injustice for a long time! Thx you helped me find the one

  28. Thanks! I got Injustice a few days ago for Christmas and I'm not great at it so I've mainly been using green arrow. This was very helpful at not only teaching me some stuff about green arrow, but it also taught me about just what to look out for in general combining. Definitely watching more of these!

  29. it's so hard to get used to fighting games i hope i can improve with these vids! nice job man!

  30. Could you please make a video about how to use Aquaman. I really like him but can't figure any out by myself.

  31. Heres a short but good one:
    Queens gambit
    Ice arrow
    Up haven blast meter burn

  32. I love green arrow. Not many people realize this but he can practically be an auto win if used in the right hands

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