Injustice: Gods Among Us – Perfect Aim Trophy / Achievement Guide

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Win a match as Deathstroke without missing a shot (minimum 12 shots) [Bronze / 10G]

This works best in Multiplayer Versus Mode. This is a local multiplayer mode (not online). If you have a 2nd controller, make use of it. If not, then you need to reassign the controller after selecting Deathstroke to choose a fighter for “player #2”. Of course, in this case there is no real player 2. You are just doing this so that the other character will be standing still and you cannot miss a shot. In a real match it would be rather tricky not to miss a single shot.
So play as Deathstroke and use the following combo at least 12 times:
PS3: ↓,→,Δ
Xbox 360: ↓,→,Y


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  1. Extremely dumb question. But I have not touched my ps4 in a year or my gf in 32 years but I digress. How do you reassign again on ps4

  2. Already ahead of ya on using the 2nd controller lol. But good job mate, love your trophy guides

  3. Please show trophy with all interactions in tower map and using all specials + meter burns, i cant finish. It

  4. The trophy requires a minimum of 12 shots… you can do more just to be safe, no harm no foul.

  5. I didn't have a second controller so I picked Deathstroke vs Bane (since he's large). Hit B for his special, fire off two rounds with the Down Forward Y Assault Rifle. Leap backwards until the B cooldown is up, repeat 6 times until you've done a total of 12.

  6. they didn't have to controllers either. the part when they switch their controller from p1 and p2 they used the same controller. I know this becuz I do it also its like a little cheat u can use for situations like this! just trying 2 help u out for future situations like this stay kool my friend :]

  7. Yeah but you can't do that on Xbox, which is why I posted my comment.

  8. Thanks it worked it also took me several try's to figure out how to reassign the controller also it worked thanks! (I subscribed)

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