Injustice Gods Among Us Walkthrough – Character Guide – Batman

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for Batman in Injustice Gods Among Us, based on the demo. It is meant for newcomers to get used to this character and improve upon the basic and slightly more advanced combos listed in this video.

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  1. Please use the combo name and buttons like in the mk guides,!

  2. If anyone is interested, I'm also doing beginner's guides for Injustice characters on my channel as well. So far I have Batman and Flash. I take recommendations, too. So if you happen to watch one of my videos just post a comment saying who you'd like to see next 😉

  3. I cant get the timing right it seems as if the game says you cant activate a move that quickly. does the size of the character matter ?

  4. 3 bats ready
    Medium, Medium, Heavy
    Anti-Air Grapple
    Meter Burn
    Pretty simple once u get the hang of it

  5. Why do so many combo videos explain the basic abilities and special moves?
    When they are in the moves list and all very simple?

  6. Yea but my combo is usefull if you are corner pressured or just performed a cross-up in a corner… plus, with the right timing, the last grapple can use meter burn and possibly combo into a level transition

  7. Don't forget the Joker! He has some of the best keepaway tactics in the game with his gunshot, teeth, and laughing gas to keep opponents back. Plus, he can counter moves with his trait for those who always get up in your buissness (Nightwing, Flash, etc.)

  8. I'm just wondering, if i use the fight stick is it easier to execute combos rather than using a regular controller

  9. I got my first fight stick a few days ago, it makes everything easier. It takes time to get used to it though. I can actually do combos with a fighting stick l0l.
    I found the controller to small for my hands.

  10. Batman has a good combo with the helicopter interaction from Gotham City
    Bats Ready, <- A,Jump.Y,<- Y,RT,<-Y A,Release Bats Super Move

  11. I found some combos for Batman while in Practice mode.

    Light, Medium, Heavy, Sky Grapple Meter Burn
    Decently damaging and moderately hard to pull off.

    Forward Heavy, Air Medium, Ground Tackle Meter Burn
    Very hard to pull off, but even if you miss, it looks really fucking cool.

    Forward Heavy (Or Back Heavy), Air Medium, Medium, Medium, Heavy, Super Move
    Again, the timing is extremely difficult. Does about 46% damage. Speed is key

  12. How does one use a Meter Burn and Super in the same combo…?

  13. amazing but a bit had to pull off in 10 matches without making a mistake

  14. Hey i just got injustice can u please please please do a combo walkthrough for death stroke

  15. Please do a nightwing and aquaman guide
    That would be really hellpful. Thanks

  16. Please do Joker guide.
    Joker can do 40-50% combs more easily than other characters.

  17. One of my friends had this game several months before me, so he was beating the crap outta me, then I got the game and started watching your tutorials…and now he's my little bitch!

  18. at 5.17 what skin is his opponent's batman using ??? it looks like its from the nolan trilogy??!

  19. wait,how do i make the Batarangs explode?As well as some sort of detonater gun used by Green Lantern?

  20. For some reason when I tried to do the super move combo it would never hit him, so I added the bats to keep them air born 🙂 this was really helpful, scorpion was the only character I knew combos with but not anymore

  21. Intermediate ish Combo

    B (all 3 bats) +Medium, Medium, Heavy, Jump and Medium, + < Medium, Heavy+
    B + Super

    Takes practice, but can be done, nice 20 hit and REALLY good damage. need to get a hang of the timing when hitting B the second time then using the super. Can be done without the B addon, 45%, with the bats it does 46% extra percentage but harder to do. good to knock out lots of the health bar.

  22. Nice combo guide man, I'm finally learning how to play batman to his full potential…everybody makes it seems like it takes a lot of work to master him…keep up the good work, also by the way? Any chance you could make a video for CATWOMAN? she seems like the only female character that gets hated on lol..

  23. This is how you should explain in a combo tutorial video.. helped me a lot due to the detailed disection of the whole combo..
    Thanks a lot mate..liked and subscribed!!!

  24. You can do a Super Move in the end of that combo at 4:25, using Super Move after Release The Bats (and instead of Straight Grapple) in the end. 50% damage. 😀 Requires perfect timing though.

  25. This helped me a lot I learned all these combos in a day!

  26. On that last super move combo, you can also add stay down and then hit the super off that.

  27. This is an unbelievable guide to get you started, welcome mate subbed!

  28. My favorite combo is this:
    The Strong Kick (<- A)
    Winged Avenger
    Super Move
    I only played it at my friend's house,so i don't remember the buttons. But that's pretty much it.

  29. I find it practically impossible to land the backwards heavy in the first combo. I tried for about 20 mins and only landed one in that time

  30. Batman is my favorite DC superhero… He doesn't have any powers yet he's literally the most hardcore superhero ever when you think about it…

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