Injustice: Gods Among Us | All Level Transitions | Around the World Achievement Guide

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←+A on 360, OR ←+X on PS3

All the level transitions in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Doing every one of them will unlock the ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘Tourist’ and ‘Around the World’ achievements/trophies.

Note that these CAN be done in Practice Mode.

A level transition is when you knock your opponent into another part of the stage, triggering a cutscene and causing additional damage. To perform a level transition, you first need to push your opponent into the corner of the stage. It can be the left or the right depending on which stage you’re on. Once you have your opponent in the corner, press ←+A on 360, and ←+X on PS3. You will then knock them into the next part of the stage if there is a level transition available in that corner.

Most of the stages have two transitions. Metropolis has 3. While Atlantis and Ferris Aircraft have no transitions. Below is a list of the stages and which corner of the stages the level transitions are on.

0:00 Batcave: Right → Left
0:38 Gotham City: Right → Left
1:13 Themyscira: Left → Right
1:51 Arkham Asylum: Right → Right
2:29 Joker’s Asylum: Right → Right
3:04 Insurgency: Left → Left
3:42 Watchtower: Left → Right
4:17 Stryker’s Island: Left → Right
4:54 Hall of Justice: Right → Right
4:31 Fortress of Solitude: Right → Left
6:08 Metropolis: Right → Right → Left (Tourist Achievement/Trophy)
7:01 Wayne Manor: Right → Left
7:35 Wayne Manor Night: Right → Left

Around The World 15GS/Bronze Trophy
Knock opponent through all transitions across all levels

Tourist 30GS/Silver Trophy
Send an opponent through all three Metropolis transitions in one fight


  1. the trophy is glitched for me I have done every one and never got it but whatever

  2. Im missing some myself for the Around and Around We Go achievement. Im hoping some posts a video cause ive gone thru every stage over and over and cant get it.

  3. never mind you have to do them all yourself 1st player because i was playing with a friend in real life player 2 did some on me and I did some on him so that is why I got it now

  4. wtf i have tried to get this achievement but everytime i go to do the transition it wont let me i have got transition enabled but it wont fucking let me do it wtf help plz

  5. That part where all the villans from batman betray catwomen XD

  6. Batman had enough with his wife. he took out his anger on her


  8. I knew Bruce and Salina had a hard relationship, but this is just brutal.

  9. Love the Transitions in the Asylum Levels 😀

  10. Just like in "Almost Got 'Im". The game just replaced Joker and Poison Ivy with Riddler.

  11. 0:27 they weren't actually fighting in there. They was doing something if you know what i mean. But when the camera zoom in on the inside of the elevator, Batman and Catwomen had to make it look like they was actually fighting when they weren't.

  12. Some of these transitions are downright cartoonish and GOOFY! HA! Its hilarious!

    Sucks that they have Atrocitus in the background and he didn't get involved in a transition, Reds are my favorite lantern. 🙁

    I imagine Catwoman's like "A-alright, do you forgive me now Bruce?"


    Catwoman :,(

  13. Im confused. When i do those attacks it knocks my opponents to the ground, even when im next to a transition

  14. Fucking horse shit, did it all with same character in the same sitting and never got the trophie

  15. How do u make people fly like that. What bottons do you press

  16. Thanks, helped alot, there was alot of cool ones i didn't see before untill now, i got the trophy so thanks alot :p

  17. After you launch them, can you quit the match and have it count? or do i have to finish it to make it count

  18. Man all the suffering catwoman has to go through though. That amount of hits should probably explode our solar system.

  19. well batman hasn't been skipping leg day if anything he's been doing double

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