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In this Video i will show you how to complete all the Tasks in the new Airship Map in Among Us! Below you can find the complete list of tasks in each room as shown in this video.

Cargo Bay – Unlock Safe, Upload Data, Fuel Engine
Armory – Put Away Pistols, Put Away Rifles
Cockpit – Stabilize Steering
Electrical – Reset Breakers
Kitchen – Empty Garbage, Make Burger
Lounge – Clean Toilet
Main Hall – Decontaminate, Develop Photos
Records – Sort Records
Security – Rewind Tapes
Showers – Fix Shower, Pick Up Towels
Vault – Polish Ruby, Dress Mannequin
Ventilation – Start Fans

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  1. That safe task I literally did what you did but then the numbers disappear was it a bug? Cus this task is so broken lol

  2. I still didnt undertsand the task that is in cargo bay the safe

  3. fun fact: this video was east to make not hard
    you be like: but how did he get all the task
    me: well you go to free play and is the engin room there is a laptop and you can equip all the task

  4. Thanks ! So much for this video I am always confused doing airship map tasks now I can do all tasks so easily thanks so much!🤩

  5. Thanks so much really helps now I can do all tasks but I will NEVER find my way around without the map

  6. Thank you this helped me a lot and im pretty sure u put lot of effort to do this 🙂

  7. The rewind tape task is so stupid i try to do it and how do you make it sooo easy

  8. I wish those ak will help us to kill those stupid impostor

  9. Thank you, I was so confused on the lock safe task! Lol great video

  10. Tip for records: if u get a filing cabinet (not a bookshelf), u can spam click and insta complete the task
    Tip for upload: Move the phone around quickly until you see the green, perfect will ALWAYS be right next to the good position, so this tip will help you find it quicker.

  11. Thanks for the help of I didn’t know how to do half of the task but now I do!

  12. What is the worst task in this map and why is it breakers

  13. I came here photo task and never felt so dumb iml. U have to take them out xd

  14. My mind can be wiped I forgot I need to search to this cause that gawd unlock safe

  15. I came here just for unlock safe but the only thing that i was concerned is that i never get the radio task

  16. They need to add cheese and pickles as options for the burger task.

  17. I love the new map sooo much!!Airship!! 💨⛵
    All the tasks are so so unique and cool, I just loved it TooOOo much!! <3
    I loved the details on the map too like the ladder and the dead end places and the thing that moves you in the gap room and I also liked the fact that the doors in the bathroom could get closed and there are much more cool details that I am not bothered to mention lol.
    And also other then the details I like how the map looked like in general, I really liked the kitchen it was SooOOo cool 😎! <3
    I would like to thank all of the producer's of the map and basically all of the people that were a part of making this banger map! Love yall all have a great day! 💕💖

  18. I came here for the background music and also learnt all the tasks too

  19. 2 tasks he didn't explain how to do it:

    -Start Fans (Ventilation)
    -Decontaminate (Main Hall)

  20. Tbh I dont know how to do all tasks in airship

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