Injustice Gods Among Us – Zatanna Character Guide – Zatanna Combos

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This is a character guide for Zatanna in Injustice: Gods Among Us. It covers some beginner and intermediate combos and goes over some general strategies when using Zatanna

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  1. This "1st, 2nd, etc." bs is REALLY GAY… Stop that shit, please. Thank you.

  2. can you put the combo in text using 1234 format

  3. I learned alot from this video. Thank you very much for posting a guide for Zatanna.

  4. Really good beginner guides, please make more character guide

  5. My favorite is Med, Med, Advanced Multi Kicks and Zatara Dive.

  6. r u onlu gonna do these 10 u have done or also the rest of the roster? Please do Ares next.

  7. Thank you for the Zatanna guide! She's quickly become my absolute favorite character to play in Injustice. Always happy to learn more combos with her. ^^

  8. WOW. Dude awesome Tut, I feel like I know everything about this character now.

  9. im playing game on pc and i dont know how to get puppet master and fire kiss like a ball and i cant teleport too 🙁 please help pleease

  10. I've become competent with Zatanna online thanks to your guide. Thank you

  11. The fire ball shield isn't working out for Xbox 360! I've tried the down forward A and down forward A RT

  12. I love how this game doesn't tell you any of this shit. Its fucking ingenious. 

  13. One thing with Zatanna, its really easy to accidentally teleport when you don't want to.

  14. Wow Extremely helpful and holy shiet I don't think I can do all the fancy crap u did, but I have a much better understanding of my fav character now, thanks

  15. How do u make sure u hit them after a 3 in the air? She sometimes misses them.

  16. I'm sort of new to fighting games… I've played mortal kombat killer instinct MvC and street fighter as a kid but I would just press random buttons… Now that I'm older I kind of know what I'm doing when it comes to basic combos but I can't play against players because they push me towards the corner and they can still break my block somehow or they go for the grab… What is the best way to become better or feel more confident with rushing opponents at the right time… I watch people that play in tournaments on twitch and I think how can they play so fast when I can barely pull off a combo on a dummy that is standing still?

  17. Damn that's a whole lot of combos to remember her move list. 0_o

  18. zatanna best magic trick is still walking after the batdick

  19. Pls pls pls just use proper terms such as 1 square 2 triangle 3 X and 4 circle pls this vid was hard to follow and just fucking annoying pls fix this

  20. If Zatanna fought like this in the movies and aninated series, she could beat batman

  21. can we all take a moment 2 realise the move names are mirrored or did i just not know that for 7 years

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