Injustice Gods Among Us – Zod Character Guide – Zod Combos

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for how to play as Zod in Injustice Gods Among Us

Zod Beginner Combos
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Zod Combos
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  1. guys pls help me i play it on PC and i want know the Zod combo phantom strike but when i do it it dont lock him in to the mirror or what is it it only push him pls help me i want know it

  2. Do not care for this version of Zod. Looks like Lex (without the suit) with a odd goatee.

  3. you can use phantom strike instead of charge if you don't want to swap positions with the opponent. E.g if there's a tv you can throw on your current side

  4. I love it when you show the exact buttons to press, for beginners like me this is really helpful:)

  5. i do that as a kinda ghetto reset – simply end a combo that ends with zod charge by charging an eye blast, and if your opponent doesn't block low right away or use a wake-up, they get reset and knocked up in the air for an easy b3 or j3 into combo. then rinse and repeat lol

  6. i think he looks awesome, in a goofy sort of way, but apparently they are coming out with a man of steel skin for him, unfortunately without the helmet, but cool anyways

  7. This video was really helpful man thanks a lot, do you have a beginner/intermediate tutorial for scorpion? I want to him to be my main but zod comes more naturally or me for some reason.

  8. My bad I found the scorpion one, thanks a lot man, your videos are definitely making me a better player already.

  9. Will you be making more of these? Waiting for ones on Catwoman and Soloman Grundy.

  10. Is anyone else having the issue were you'll do a combo correctly but the game reads ur specials wrong and instead does the special dealing with the last input like intead of zods ground blast you get kryptonian rifle. While doing his forward medium light ground blast… its ruining the game for me

  11. Almost every fight in tournaments – Zod and Batgirl, it's fucking Zod and Batgirl, Injuctice is SO balanced.

  12. Hey I downloaded Zoe for free but it won't let me play as him

  13. Hey I just picked up the game yesterday. Can you make a tutorial for people like me?

  14. So can someone direct me to similar guides? This guy only ever did seven or eight.

  15. Catching your enemy with the Zod 'round house' after the juggled wraith slash is close to impossible. You essential have one frame. Very hard! (See 4:25)

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