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I have been working on something for a while and I’m glad to finally release it to you guys. This is the first version of the .exe installer for AMONG US PROP HUNT just download and run it!

Newest Among us prophunt video:

if you make guides and gameplay please credit me, neuronz and Ray as the original creators of the mod.

Please join my discord to download this makes it easier for me to update my mods.

Moders that helped me:
Ray :

I am now accepting mod commissions 🙂 gift a loved one a one of a kind among us mod this Christmas!
Contact me at [email protected] for inquiries

My discord:

Add me on tiktok, twitter handle spect0rr


  1. HEY this legit works! although how can we actually put a code for people to join the server?

  2. hi spect0rr love your video and the mod thanks for showing us how to do it!!! i Subbed Like and will keep following your channel and videos

  3. just found this on google, such amazing mod! havent tried it but will do after im on pc and hope it works!

  4. it works but when i go into settings nothing is labelled? So its hard for me to start a game or do anything because its just blank buttons?

  5. About to download the mod, just wanted to ask if there’s a way to revert the mods to play normally ?

  6. Haven't tried it yet but definitely an instant sub for you and Ray. People like you guys deserve so much love and I can't wait to see how far ya go as time goes on. Thanks for supplying the boiz with future laughs and hope to send more subs your way when i show them this!

  7. Thought this was going to be a scam but it actually worked thanks a ton

  8. Question: can you play with other people not using the mod?

  9. yh but where did u get that among prop hunt installer from???

  10. i downloaded, now how do you play the prop hunt mode? all im seeing is the regular game

  11. hey spect0rr i launched the mod and i couldnt see any text
    how do i fix this

  12. hey i was just wondering if all players need to have the mod downloaded or only the host needs it? also thank u sm

  13. Am I wrong in thinking that the files linked in the discord aren't these files? I'm beyond fucking confused by that.

  14. I just installed the mod and it does work. My only question is how to remove names for prop hunt games. Thank you very much for sharing this mod!!!

  15. I’m on my dads acc so that’s why it looks like I’m an adult

  16. i dont even know how you downloaded the mod, could you show you doing that or something because i cant firgure this out, what my computer does looks very different from what your doing and its confusing

  17. Stupid question but 😅 if the prop hunt is installed in the game. Can it be back to normal game again?

  18. Can u do in the cell phone bacause i don't have a lop top or computer

  19. I have a question.
    I was imposter once, but I didnt have a kill button or a report. And when I was crew, I had no report button. Did I have to get close to the body? Would the report button pop up then? And when i was imposter, i had no kill, i got a vote win. Is this a bug or is it intended?

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