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In this Video i will Explain you everything you need to know in Suspects Mystery Mansion game like how to play with friends, hosting custom games, explanation and tips about Guests and Killer roles, Role Tickets, how to obtain Accessory, Outfit and Back skins, How to earn IQ Points, how to level up in Gold Pass, using and fixing the Lights and Bombs Sabotages, about Dead/Ghost Killers and Guests, a map i created showing the locations of all Trap Doors and cameras in the map and More!

Suspects Mystery Mansion Tips, Tricks, Guides & Gameplay Playlist

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  1. this is a combination of among us and brawlstar bruh

  2. Hi turbo I just raided a base I got a lot of resources like duct tape and a Glock!

  3. Hey i have a question,how can you get into the garden?

  4. How can you play with people from your friends list, is there a way? If not then it's just useless.

  5. Do u hVe tic tok turbo? I would like to be ur friend and possibly play this game with u

  6. How do you Disbale the voice chat its the only feature who prevent me from playing the game

  7. There are more roles that's why people like this game. In Among us there are two roles.

  8. Can't we play with a single frd and then make it a public among us??…. that's the only matter that disappoints me

  9. Bruh I been poor for 2 days now in suspect I am crying I can't get gems

  10. Tip: If you want to play for 10 players.
    Just change your language to English(American). Because the intermediate and advance needs a lot less IQ to unlock in America. In American language, you need 1,400IQ to unlock advance. But in other languages, it needs 2,600IQ! It's do unfair, I want to play advance in my native language, but the freaking IQ points won't let me.

  11. Honestly in my opinion suspects is the worst game ever they added the mute of a wrong age when all 4 year olds downloads it evem when your a 13 year old they mute you for wrong age, Rude when your not even close to being rude, and echo/noises are the only ones that are accurate to mute the rest just is messed up and too dumb

  12. New sub and this is way better than among us in all ways my brother recommended it to me when it was just the mansion map( I'm pretty sure)before season 1

  13. Me ok I can't I'm 7 so 5 years then I can but thx anyway, 😉

  14. Is there a way to fully turn off the audio?

  15. This game is better than among us and this game has better and intelligent players than among us which makes this so fun to play

  16. How to reset your age? I accidentally clicked a lower age and is getting kids to play with me lol

  17. So when I'm playing With random people I just keep meeting same peoples again and again So, How do I change that?

  18. This game is better than among us… Its very friendly user and characters are all cute. ..suspense and funny game

  19. Hi, can you tell me how to invite friends in friends list to play with you? Just make friends and can not do anhthing else.

  20. I didnt really liked the game cuz of ppl actually talking cuz i dont want yelling "HES THE IMPOSTER" oor something like that an what if oyur right next to your PARENTS

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