The Wolf Among Us [100% Guide] Episode 1: Faith Walkthrough (All Book of Fables) PS4

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This is a platinum trophy / 100% achievement walkthrough for The Wolf Among Us. I am going to collect every single Book of Fables entry in all five episodes. I will obtain the following trophies / achievements in this video:
Welcome to Fabletown (Bronze / 20G)
Wolf in Sheriff’s Clothing (Bronze / 20G)
The Long Goodbye (Bronze / 20G)
The Frog or the Prince? (Bronze / 20G)
Panic in the Parlours (Bronze / 20G)
A Light Snowfall (Silver / 40G)
Novice Librarian (Gold / 60G)

Playlist for this 100% Walkthrough:


  1. thanks so much for the guide I went through the whole of the first episode and I only needed the last fable tearing his arm of I could of just started from the last chapter dammmmn! but better to be safe than sorry I guess ahaha , thanks for the guide 🙂

  2. Great stuff but can I please have a advanced warfare copy

  3. I wanted to ask you if u could do one for episode 2 if you can that would be great

  4. how do I rewind a chapter without replaying the whole episode?

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