Submerged Map Install How To Guide for PC #amongus #guide #howto #install (Thanks to TSC)

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This video shows how to install submerged map on Steam versions of Among US

Thanks to TSC aka TheSkullCreeper for providing the link

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Link to Submerged Map:

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  1. Pls Watch this Comment!!! How to delete the map for it not break Among Us?

  2. I installed but nothing worked. Or maybe its not work for version 2022.12.8s.

  3. Thanks. But I need on tab and phone too

  4. If I can find the charger to my old pc then I can probably be able to play submerged but I can't find the charger. Also it crashes a lot so I don't know… :/

  5. this map will be in ios and android soon in june or july 👍👌👌👌👌👌

  6. Should work the same on epic store.. And Thx for the instructions!!

  7. Thank You Submerged Map Among Us Love! Like Good

  8. does this work with epic games i didnt download from steam and if it does work with epic games how do i do it

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