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Welcome to the new Among Us Update! Today I am giving you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the new Airship Map


Admin Table/Cams etc | 01:20
Common Tasks | 05:25
Sabotages | 07:18
Vent Connections | 10:53
All New Tasks | 13:28

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  1. I play the airship sooooooooo much but there is one task that is impossible. The task is the lever in eletrical

  2. I am just learning about this now in 2022 because I stopped playing among us in 2020 because I was playing because I couldn't play minecraft but since then stopped playing because I can play mc so now I'm watching this is 2022

  3. Hey you missed 1 wire in main hall decontamination.(also btw the main hall wiring is a common task)

  4. Best sabotage technique :- Close all the doors except 1 Sabotage gap room Use vents between the close doors to assassinateThis trick is highly beneficial

  5. My god the airship is really big, fun, and an awesome map to play zero! I'm going to play this map every time!

  6. Nice video zero but sudly I think imposter will win easily since this map is to big

  7. Thank you for the new tasks guide. It really helped.

  8. What kind of sicko made opening doors card swipe?! However this is kind of good also because we will of course be card swiping more often to open doors. So it’s like everyone will adapt and get better at card swipe overtime like a natural selection but for a among us task.

  9. Thanks man I didn’t even know there were vitals on this map! I also know you from some of Ecko’s streams!

  10. I did research on the wires thing and I found out a couple of things first you missed two wire locations on the Airship there's also one in the main hall and one in the meeting room and second there are three fake wire panels one of them being the one you didn't know if it was real in Communications another one in the Armory and a third one in the vault

  11. About 99% of the players: I HATE CARD SWIPES
    Me: bah, card swipes are easy man watch my clean swipe! (pauses in the middle then keeps going and completes it)

  12. The only part I found that you didn’t get right with is the Fix Wiring portion. Not a lot of people know, but the wires follow a strict order depending on the map. A quick recap
    The Skeld
    1. Electrical
    2. Storage
    3. Admin
    4. Navigation
    5. Cafeteria
    6. Security
    1. Storage
    2. Hallway
    3. Locker Room
    4. Greenhouse
    5. Laboratory
    1. Electrical
    2. O2
    3. Office
    4. Decontamination
    5. Laboratory (near the decon doors)
    6. Laboratory (in the bathroom)
    1. Viewing Deck
    2. Engine Room
    3. Main Hall
    4. Showers
    5. Lounge
    6. Cargo Bay
    7. Meeting Room

  13. The reactor sabotage can be fixed by one player too! Just do the same panel twice. I don't know its a bug or something…

  14. 1. Not impostor friendly
    2. Large
    3. Fun for crewmates
    4. The only map where you want to be crewmate

  15. i cannOT figure what tasks to fake(as an imposter), where to go, how to do my tasks (as crewmate) and this helped me a LOT-LOT!! thank you!

    seriously tho, this map is like and combination of polus, skeld, and the other map (forgot the name ;-;) but all in an oversized maze airship with new tasks.

  16. Thumbs up! This is a decent explanation. That room between showers and cargo with the pit separation should have probably been mentioned earlier and explained better. That confuses new users because of not knowing how to get across.

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